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Ava | English Bulldog | Las Vegas, Nv | In-Training

Ava is a year old English Bulldog from Las Vegas! She is joining us for our 1-Week Board and Train. She has some special needs that have gotten in the way of her reaching her full potential as a well-mannered canine citizen. She is extremely sweet but is very stubborn and only likes to do things on her terms. She is obsessive over toys and loves to jump to say hi! She loves to snuggle and be with everyone but she needs to learn she can't pull. She is also a big fan of using her extreme strength to get what she wants. So this week she is going to work on her manners! I cant wait to see all her progress!


Pupdate 04/04/21

Ava spent her first day getting to know her environment. At first, she was nervous and wasn't sure but by the end of the day, she was ready to play! I worked on the commands she knows and we began to add some shoe training so she can walk outside. After several short sessions, we got to all 4 boots on her feet. I also introduced her to the treadmill, just barely getting on with it off and unplugged.


Pupdate 04/05/21

Ava had an exciting day. She worked on wearing shoes and is getting the hang of them. She went to a puppy socialization class, social distancing. She met lots of other dogs and had fun walking with them. Later we worked on the treadmill and she is doing great, she eats her meals on the treadmill and is now getting comfortable with it being on and running. We also introduced her to the e collar and worked on recall. She picked it up really fast. I increased her food to an extra 1/4 cup a meal and she stayed the same weight.


Pupdate 04/06/21

Ava had an exciting day. She went to a new park and worked on place. She went for a little walk around my neighborhood to work on loose leash walking. She worked on the treadmill as well and we are now increasing speed. She is learning staying on is better than break. She got an extra meal but she didn't finish all of her dinner. She also met my parrot. She was interested at first but she is scared of sudden noises and so she was startled at first but eventually relaxed and decided she would rather take a nap.


Pupdate 04/07/21

Ava had a busy day today. We worked a lot on the treadmill due to the hot weather outside. We worked on increasing her time on the treadmill before break. We also worked on her waiting her turn to eat and not getting on furniture. She worked on staying calm on place while other dogs ate their food, she was not a fan but we are working on it. She worked on door manners and adding some distractions to her door manners. She ate all her food, except she did leave some of her breakfast uneaten.


Pupdate 04/08/21

Ava had quite the day! She went for a walk with a new friend. She took a bath, was not a fan. We worked on all her commands. She did not finish all of her dinner, but that is not surprising given the added pressure of distractions and duration. She also got to offset some of the stress by playing in the evening and she enjoyed that it was not all work all day.


Pupdate 04/09/21

Ava worked very hard today. She went out in public to work on her commands around lots of distractions. She did a lot of walking in the shade and shared space with other dogs. She was not a fan of it when there was water or pets being offered but she was working on just being calm and letting things go. She also worked on door manners and adding duration and the distance I could go away from the door. She worked on adding duration to the treadmill and she was tired but happy to have a job. At the outdoor mall, the more we walked, even though she was tired, the more her little stump wagged and the less she cared about all the crazy noises. We also worked on her being ok going into a down in such a hectic environment and around her triggers but she did superbly.


Pupdate 04/10/21

Ava spent her last day going on walks with my dogs and getting ready for tomorrow. We worked on food manners and sharing space. She also did some work on the treadmill while I edited a video. She worked on place while I ate dinner and watched an episode of Blacklist. She enjoys place the most because that way he can nap. She is all packed and ready to start her new life! She is also all out of food, since she ate more than anticipated. She did eat all her breakfast, lunch and dinner today but they were smaller meals.



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