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Augie | Seven Month Old | Vizsla | Los Angeles, CA. | In Training

Augie, the seven month old Vizsla, from Los Angeles is joining us for our world famous two week board and train program. Augie has had lessons before, so she knows some commands, but will drag the handler all over with her pulling. Additionally, Augie hasn't met many people or canines so she tends to be very shy until she warms up. Stay tuned for Augie's transformation.

Getting her weight on day one.

Cautiously inspecting the neighbor's driveway.

Augie met Oso, and to say she wasn't having any part of it would be a mild understatement. Despite the size difference, Oso is very gentile and shares everything with his guests.


Pupdate 09/14/2020


Pupdate 09/15/2020

What do you do all afternoon when you worked all morning???


Pupdate 09/16/2020


Pupdate 09/17/2020

The wall is about 36"-40" tall and she jump/leaped onto it!! Sitting was a challenge however, lol.

Augie was out hunting squirrels and bunnies this morning. Actually, she was always within 20 feet of me, but we are working to "expand the zone of safety".

AM walk of one hour and 1.9 miles


Pupdate 09/18/2020

We had a very active day today. We worked on heel and down primarily. We did mix in place several times which Augie does quite well. On the AM walk Augie was off leash for about 1 mile of the three. We were on a busy street working on desensitizing her to traffic, etc. Tonights walk was entirely off leash through the neighborhood. Augie still is struggling with paying attention for long periods of time, and holding the commands for extended periods. Overall the training is coming along nicely.


Pupdate 09/19/2020

Took some time out today so the dogs can play together. Augie seems to like when Pumba pushes back, but then Augie appears to instigate some of the play so clearly she is approving of all the roughhousing.


Pupdate 09/20/2020

Placing on pavers

Placing on double stack of pavers. She had to stair step up them. This is six feet tall.

Nice cool floor on a warm day make the down command easier.

Augie's version of "Where's Waldo"



Another successful trip to Home Depot. Spent more time in the front (busy) side of the store, working on duration sit and down commands. Augie will hold command so long as you are in close proximity to her. That we are continuing to improve.


Pupdate 09/23/2020


Pupdate 09/24/2020

The speed of the video is 100% faster and it is still long. Wanted to note the behaviors in public. The major emphasis I wanted to note is Augie's willingness to NOT check in more with me. This leads to distractions becoming a bigger issue, and thus not safe to remove the leash as of yet. The sound was reduced by 50% so you can still hear the distractions she reacts to.


Pupdate 09/25/2020


Pupdate 09/26/2020

Back from the groomers and doing her final weigh-in.


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