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Belgian Malinois - Dog Training | Atticus | Menifee, CA

Atticus, a Belgian Malinois from Menifee, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Atticus was trained by dog trainer Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Day of Drop Off 08/09/2020

I’d like to welcome Atticus the 5 month old Belgian Malinois from Menifee, CA to OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Atticus has the potential of being that family dog that you have always wanted. He is very athletic, energetic, and also has a sweet side to him when he is calm. The problem is Atticus doesn’t really have an OFF switch. He will jump, nip, and bark at others dogs as well as people, and getting him to listen to his name is impossible. Within the next two short weeks I will be teaching Atticus the 7 basic commands of Come, Sit, Down, Heel, Place, Off, and Break. We will master these commands to instill trust and confidence in his ability to have a working relationship.


Pupdate 08/10/2020


Pupdate 08/11/2020


Pupdate 08/12/2020

Atticus has settled into his training like a true champ. He has been having a little diarrhea these last two days so I gave him some canned pumpkin with his dinner. Canned pumpkin helps harden up his stool to eliminate the diarrhea. Duration sit is when he holds a sit until released. Today duration sit really started to make sense to Atticus and he is starting to hold his commands. We have also been working on his leash pulling and targeting the left side when we heel. Everything is falling into place perfectly on and it’s only day 3.


Pupdate 08/13/2020


Pupdate 08/14/2020

Today was a hot one. Atticus and I worked hard to beat the heat. We woke up and trained before the sunrise and waited till the ground cooled down to go on our evening walk. I’m very proud of how far Atticus has come in just 5 short days.


Pupdate 08/15/2020


Pupdate 08/16/2020


Pupdate 08/17/2020


Pupdate 08/18/2020


Pupdate 08/19/2020

Atticus has been working hard to get off leash and he’s looking like a natural. I can’t wait for his owners to be proud of what he has accomplished.


Pupdate 08/20/2020


Pupdate 08/21/2020


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