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Ashley | Great Dane | Redlands, CA | In Training

Introducing Ashley to the Off Leash 1 week board and train! Ashley is here to learn some fundamental commands to improve his obedience at home. Since he is such a big guy he can be difficult to control sometimes and likes to pull the leash while on walks. Stay tuned to see what he can learn this week!


Pupdate 04/05/21

Ashley out learning the heel command today. He is a heavy leash puller so we will be working a lot on this. This exercise teaches him to pay attention to me as I constantly change my pace and direction.


Pupdate 04/06/21

Working out at a park today. Ash did good responding to the E-collar when walking by distractions. Getting him to place on the scale has been difficult but 120lbs is the weight we keep landing on. We have been working on the place command which he needs extra work on because he is a nervous guy when it comes to new place objects.


Pupdate 04/07/21

Working the place command a lot today. He can be nervous about this command so lots of enthusiasm is needed. We are working on getting him to get on the place cott, sit and hold until I release him with "Break"


Pupdate 04/08/21

Today Ash and I put a lot of time into heel. Since he is so strong teaching him not to pull has been a full time effort. We are still working heavy on the place command. It takes him a while to get comfortable with any new place object. He is heavily resisting the down command still.


Pupdate 04/09/21

Out at Victoria Gardens today working around d high distractions! Ash did great passing by so many different things. Light use of the E-Collar is required to keep him focused on his commands but he responds very well.


Pupdate 04/10/21

Today Ash enjoyed some well deserved play time with my dog Kylo! They ran around the front yard chasing eachother and jumping around. When play began to get rough we would use the off command and separate them for a bit to cool off for a water break.

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