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Arrow | Terrier Mix | La Mirada, CA | In-Training

Meet Arrow!! He is a 3 year old Terrier Mix from La Mirada, CA. He is here for our one week on leash Board and Train program to learn some manners! He is a very sweet cuddly boy doesn't always come when called, gets nervous around new dogs and new people, and likes to make a lot of noise whenever he hears a knock on the door. Stay tuned for his 7 day transformation.


Pupdate: 4/25/2021

Arrow had a great 1st day! we went to the park were we could get to know each other, did some confidence building, and ran down through some of the basic commands (come, place, and heel). He's a very smart boy and is catching on quickly! He ate all of his dinner and now is a fully bellied, sleepy eyed dog! Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure!


Pupdate : 4/26/21

Today was super adventurous! (Video coming soon!) We went by the duck pond, where we worked on his duration down, and sit command. The down command we are still learning on, his sit command is great! He was curious about the squirrels, but did a great job at using his sense of smell to get a better understanding of them. We also went by the skate park to work on some confidence building. He was a bit nervous from the motion of the skateboard, and change of environment. But with the reassurance, and the distance that was comfortable for him, arrow was able to shake off his nerves, and observe from the outside! This is a super huge accomplishment for Arrow, because he does not like fast motion activity. He ate all of his dinner and had healthy stool throughout the day! I’d say today was a GREAT day!! stay tuned for tomorrow’s journey!



Pupdate: 4/27/21

Today was a Journey for Mr. Arrow! We started our morning off at Starbucks, where he held a nice place on a chair beside me. Then we went on a really nice long walk around the city of Downtown La. Arrow enjoyed the new smells, and tall buildings, and the open sidewalk.

Towards the end of our walk , we passed by a skatepark! Because he was already confident from the city walk, at a comfortable distance he quickly adapted to the skaters, and ignored the fast motion. He was able to stay in a (down) command while also enjoying the sun. (best sun bather!)

After a midday nap, Arrow and I went to go grab lunch on the pier, with a couple of trainers and their pups! He did a wonderful job knowing boundaries, and setting boundaries. He hung out with the pack and stayed in a nice (down) command while enjoying the sun. Today was a long journey for arrow! tune in tomorrow for more fun and, activities!!


Pupdate: 4/28/21

Today was a nice beach day for Arrow! He's starting to gain more and more confidence by the day! Now that he understands and knows the basics, today I wanted to challenge him to focus on his duration down with major distractions. He took on that challenge, and accomplished it! I couldn't be more proud ! GO ARROW!


Pupdate: 4/29/21

Today Arrow took a stroll down Hollywood blvd! He did great with his place, heel command, and his duration down. He was confident enough to focus on commands, while walking through crowds of people. He met some other pups in training, and did well training beside them. Today was a petty hot day, so after Hollywood Blvd, we went back home where he took a mid day nap on place command. Once it cooled off, we went for a nice long walk around the city. Arrow is getting better with his eye contact and looking for the next direction. He ate 1/2 of his meal at dinner, and had a healthy stool throughout the day! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Adventure!


Pupdate: 4/30/21

Arrow had an easy day today at the pier, he got to meet another one of our trainers dog. He is getting better with his commands, and working through distractions. While I was out at lunch Arrow did a great job on his (down) command under the table at an outside seating area. He was also with some friends! seeing how confident he was relaxing, made outside dining so much more enjoyable! Stay tuned for Arrows final days!


Pupdate: 5/1/21

ARROWS LAST DAY !! Today we took one last stroll around the city, did some Window shopping around Home Depot, where we worked on his heel, and worked near some challenging distractions. He did great at showcasing his skills throughout the store! He was super excited to hold place on a bucket! We also went by the duck pond, where Arrow worked the basic commands like a champ! He is very smart and has achieved so much more than what he already knew! He ended his day with some snuggles and play time! Had healthy stool and ate some of his dinner. It’s safe to say Arrow enjoyed today’s adventures, and had fun learning basic obedience along the way. Good Boy Arrow!



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