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Archie | Goldendoodle | Woodland Hills, CA | In Training

Meet Archie! He's a five month old Goldendoodle from Woodland Hills, California here for our Three-Week Board and Train Program. Archie is a super sweet pup and he's very playful! He loves to jump on people, pull on his leash, and chew whatever he can get his paws on! He also needs some work on his basic obedience skills and he needs a little potty training. Over the next twenty one days, we will work on Archie's commands, show him how to properly greet people, and teach Archie how to be the best pup he can be! Stay tuned for Archie's three week transformation!


Pupdate: 4/30/2023

After picking up Archie, we went to Bell Gardens Park to get to know each other. He's very sweet, but he definitely likes to jump and pull! After the park, we went home where I let Archie sniff around my house and get used to being here. He doesn't like the stairs, or jumping up into the car, so I'll be working on building Archie's confidence as well as his manners and commands. He hasn't had any potty accidents so far!


Pupdate: 5/1/2023

Archie and I went to Studio City Recreation Center today for training! He sometimes shies away when dogs approach him, and he doesn't seem to always like it. We started working on his Sit and his Come To Sit command. He is pretty good with sitting, but I'd like him to be a bit more responsive when asked. For Come To Sit, I want Archie to come to my right side, walk around my legs and sit at my left side with his ears at my knee. He's starting to pick up the commands very well, although there are plenty of times he gets distracted and wants to play! No potty accidents so far today.


Pupdate: 5/2/2023

Archie went to Almansor Park today! We continued to work on his Come To Sit, and started working more on his Heel command. For Heel, I'd like Archie to walk politely next to me, with his ears at my knee, without pulling forward or veering off to the side. He's doing well with this, although every once in a while he wants to try to grab the leash with his mouth. He did a great job at the park today, but it wasn't very crowded so there weren't very many distractions. At one point, the sprinklers came on and they startled Archie, but we powered through and kept going!


Pupdate: 5/3/2023

Archie went to Garfield Park today for training! We introduced his Down and Place commands. He would lay down very easily, however he wanted to roll over onto his back at the beginning. It took a few tries, but eventually he started performing the Down command quite well, as you can see in one of the above pictures! For Place, I want Archie to hop up onto a raised object, such as a bench. He was very nervous at first, but eventually gained the courage to jump up on the bench in the picture above! This command can be very useful to build confidence, and I think it's working with Archie! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/4/2023

Archie and I went to Santa Anita Mall today! We spent most of the day in the outside areas, but went inside when it started raining. He had a ton of energy in the morning, and it took a while to get him started, but once he adjusted to the environment he did a really good job! In today's video you'll see Archie perform the Come To Sit, Place and Down commands. He's doing well with the commands, but the most notable part of the video is that Archie holds his Down while a kind gentleman comes up to talk to us. Our goal is for Archie to be able to hold his Sit, Place and Down positions for two minutes around distractions. Here he held it for over two minutes! It's also worth mentioning there were turtles and fish swimming around only a few inches behind him. Another notable part of the video is that I'm starting to ask Archie to Place from further and further away. This is to start working on his Send Away To Place command. It's the same as Place, except I want Archie to walk over and hop up without me walking him all the way to the object. He's doing well so far! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/5/2023

Archie went to Almansor Park today for training! He needed a nice warm up again today. It seems he gets super excited to be out and about at the beginning of each day, but he quickly settled into it and did well with each of his commands! Archie has been doing a great job with his potty training. No accidents so far in his kennels or in my house. My goal for Archie's potty training is to get him to understand the words "go potty" so that when I say them, he knows he's in the right place for a potty break! Most mornings Archie does his business as soon as we step outside, which tells me he's doing a great job at holding it overnight. As soon as he starts going potty in an appropriate spot, I give him tons of praise and repeat the phrase "go potty" so he links the words with the potty sensation. Great job so far, Archie!


Pupdate: 5/6/2023

Archie and I went back to Almansor Park today! We started working on his commands with the leash dragging. Allowing the leash to drag gives me some idea of how Archie might perform off leash while still having access to the leash should I need it. As I talked about previously, Archie consistently needs a few minutes of warm up time when we first begin training, but he settled down quickly today. As you can see in his video, once he settled down, he started doing a great job with very little use of his leash! It's important to be patient with Archie when he's a little too excited, as he is still quite young, and once he starts behaving and performing his commands, he stays attentive and responsive! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/7/2023

Archie and I went to Santa Anita Mall today! It was very busy when we went, but Archie managed to settle down fairly quickly, and behaved well for the rest of the day! He continued to practice his commands with his leash dragging for a large chunk of the day, and did well. There were still a few times when he got a little distracted by people or noises, but he stayed focused for most of his training! I'm not quite ready to take his leash off completely, but the way he's progressing, it won't be long now. Archie was quite scared of stairs when he first came to me. He's gone up and down the stairs in my home several times everyday and thus, he's gotten very used to them and doesn't pay them any mind. That being said, he was extremely nervous when we took the stairs at the mall today. He was able to go up and down them by himself, but it took some coaxing. His confidence has improved greatly while he's been here, but clearly there are still a few triggers that make him anxious. Great job, Archie!


Pupdate: 5/8/2023

Archie went to Maple Park today for training! We worked on all the commands he's learned so far, as well as his Come To Heel command! For this command I simply want Archie to come to my side when I start walking and fall into heel position. In today's video, you will see Archie do a great job with his Send Away To Place command, and his new Come To Heel command! He struggles to hop onto the bench first try, but once he does, he gains confidence and is able to place from up close and from a distance. For Archie's potty training, I've been taking him out for the last time between 9:00 and 10:00 at night, and letting him out in the morning at around 6:30, and he's been able to consistently hold it throughout the night. He still hasnt had an accident yet!


Pupdate: 5/9/2023

Archie was off leash at the park today! We started with his leash on, but he was behaving very well, so I let him off after a few minutes. There were a few times Archie got distracted and wanted to roll around in the grass, but generally he stayed focused. When I first asked him to place on the bleachers pictured above, he was very hesitant. I think the texture of the surface felt strange for him. After several attempts, however, he was placing himself on them easily! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/10/2023

Archie had a fun day at the beach! We went to Huntington Beach, and Archie was off leash for about half the time. He got a lot of energy out in the first few minutes, and behaved pretty well the rest of the time! While walking on the board walk, he shied away from some bikes that came up behind us, but other than that he stayed confident all day! No potty accidents today!


Pupdate: 5/11/2023

Archie went to the Santa Monica Promenade today! He stayed fairly calm the whole time! He was on point with each command, too. The one issue we ran into was when I asked him to place on the ledge next to the fountain, he didn't want to get anywhere near the water. After a small amount of coaxing him onto the object, he was placing himself on it just as enthusiastically as any other bench! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/12/2023

Archie went to Almansor Park today for training! We worked on all of his commands off leash, and he did very well. For his video today, I'm showing him performing his Under command! For Under I want Archie to move under an object, such as a bench and remain there until I release him or ask him to perform a different command. We've worked on this previously, but really tried to hone the skill today. He's got it down very well now. He seems to like the command, as there is one time in the video where he preemptively runs under the bench! I'm glad Archie gets excited to perform his commands, but I do want him to wait until I ask him. Today was a pretty easy day for Archie, because there weren't very many distractions around while Archie was working. He almost looked like he wanted to chase a squirrel at one point but he managed to maintain his composure! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/13/2023

Archie and I went to Santa Anita Mall today! It was very crowded while we were there, and Archie got a bit distracted towards the beginning of the day. After the first little while, he was back on it! He performed each command on and off leash, and did so with much enthusiasm. While he got distracted a few times, he also got a lot of compliments on his behavior! A few people couldn't believe he would stay seated on a bench while I walked several yards away. Great job, Archie! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/14/2023

Archie went to Bell Gardens Park today for training! He was off leash the whole time with very few mistakes. Since we were in a bit of an easy area distraction wise, we decided to have some fun and see how far I could walk away from Archie without him breaking his commands. As you can see in the above video, he's doing a brilliant job of holding his positions. On the second Come To Sit, he overshoots the mark slightly, so we make another attempt from that distance, which he nails! Archie also asked me to tell you happy mothers day. So happy mother's day from your furry son, Archie!


Pupdate: 5/15/2023

Archie went to South Park today for training! He behaved well the whole time! After the park, we went home where Archie took a nice nap. Later in the evening we went to the park by my house for some play time and a little more training. For the first half of his board and train, Archie had a hard time getting started at the beginning of each session, but it seems each day he's getting better and better at getting right into it! Today he had no issue starting his commands immediately. No potty accidents today!


Pupdate: 5/16/2023

Archie and I spent the morning and evening at the park! It was a little hot so we went home for the hottest parts of the day. We worked on all his commands normally, and he did quite well as I've come to expect. I decided it would be fun to show a little playtime today! The above video shows Archie and I playing with a ball. When Archie and I played together for the first time, he was constantly jumping and accidentally biting my hands. When he does this, I use the Off command, as well as stop the play. Once Archie is calm again, we can resume playing! Archie will still jump every once in a while when he's excited for playtime, but he's improving drastically. No potty accidents today!


Pupdate: 5/17/2023

Archie and I went to Garfield Park today for training! He got a lot of good work in as well as some playtime. There was another Goldendoodle taking a walk around the park, and she came up to Archie as he was holding a sit in the grass. Archie did an excellent job of staying put and simply sniffing the other dog while she said hi, rather than backing away or jumping up to play! He did a great job with each of his commands as well. No potty accidents today!


Pupdate: 5/18/2023

Archie and I went to the Santa Monica Pier today! He was off leash for a lot of the time there, and generally did a great job. There were a couple distractions he kept looking at, such as one of those mechanical horse rides for children. He looked uncomfortable when it started moving, but held his position! For Archie's video today, I wanted to show some of the manners we've been working on. For car manners, I want Archie to hop into my car and walk directly into his kennel when asked. At first, he didn't want to jump all the way up, but he's gained the confidence to make the jump over the course of his training! For greeting manners, I want him to sit while being approached and petted by a stranger. He is still easily excited, but he's been doing a much better job with this recently. At the end of the video, I added a quick segment of Archie practicing some of his commands today!


Pupdate: 5/19/2023

Archie and I went to Home Depot for training this morning, then the park later in the afternoon. He did well off leash in both areas. At home depot I tried to place him on the push cart, and it moved so he got a little bit nervous to get back on. After a few minutes, he got his courage back though! No potty accidents today.


Pupdate: 5/20/2023

Archie and I spent most of the day at the park! There was a squirrel that got his attention for a bit, but other than that he was on top of his game. For his video today, I wanted to show more of his household manners. For Archie's food manners, I want him to wait patiently when I put food in front of him. Helping him fight the urge to gobble down his food immediately can also help with the impulse to eat any food that might be dropped on the floor while cooking. For Archie's door manners, I want to be able to open and close my front door without Archie trying to rush out before me. We've been working on these manners with Archie each day so he's gotten good with both! Archie is going home tomorrow, and I know I'm going to miss him. He's been such a pleasure to work with and to have in my home! No potty accidents today!


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