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Archie| Goldendoodle| Claremont, CA| In-Training

Meet Archie, a super playful, goofy, energetic 11 month goldendoodle from Claremont CA! She is here for a Two Week Board and Train. Archie is a strong pup who likes to pull on her owners during walks, loves to chase small insects, and gets overly excited with people! During her stay she will be learning leash walking manners, staying calm with guests and strangers, and basic obedience! Stay tuned for more to come!


Pupdate 9/12/21

Today Archie and I spent a few hours walking around my neighborhood to let her adjust to her surroundings! We then took some time in the afternoon to start learning some of her basic commands such as Come, Heel, and Place! She did have a few distractions during her session which was really good for her! Archie is such a sweet girl and adjusting nicely!


Pupdate 9/13/21

Today Archie and I went to a park and worked on Place, Come, Heel, and added foundation for Down! Archie is such a sweet girl and loves to explore and get affection! once it got too hot outside we worked on Place inside the house so she starts understanding duration with minor distractions (cats, other dogs!)


Pupdate 9/14/21

Today we went to Lowes and worked on Down, Heel, Come and added duration as well! She is such a smart girl and loves to work and get affection! Archie is a very curious pup and really wants to explore as much of her surroundings as possible, which I'm letting her do only as a reward for following her commands!


Pupdate 9/15/21

Today Archie and I went to a Mall and continued working on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! We started introducing duration to her commands to teach her impulse control and patience! We also took a walk around in REI and practiced more Heel, Duration Down and Place while adding more distance between me and Archie! Archie is super affectionate and is enjoying learning new things and practicing being a calm pup!


Pupdate 9/16/21

Today Archie and I went to The Griffith Observatory and worked on Come, Sit, Down and Heel! Archie is getting better at understanding when is appropriate to play and when she should stay calm! Once we got home we worked on Place while my other dogs were hanging out. This is to help her impulse control and learning to be calm! She has been super good and learning very quickly!


Pupdate 9/17/21

Today Archie and I went to Northridge Mall and continued working on Place, Heel, Down, and Come! To help proof all she has learn this week I’m going to start taking her to enclosed spaces such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and other enclosed areas to begin working on consistency and reliability! I’m extremely proud of Archie’s progress and where she is at in training!


Pupdate 9/18/21

Today Archie and I went to a Mall to freshen up on her commands before we went to Lanark Park where they had an enclosed tennis court to practice Offleash reliable! While we were there I practiced Archie’s Heel, Down, Come and Sit while a crowd of skateboarders road around the outside of the court, which was such a huge distraction for her due to the sound and high activity level, but she DID AMAZING and staying focused on what I was asking her to do! Great improvements for Archie today!!!


Pupdate 9/19/21

Today Archie and I went to a Farmers Market and worked on Heel, Down, Come and Sit! I wanted to test how strong her commands were with lots of people walking around! She did extremely well and was not phased by any of the sounds or smells! I also put her in a down outside of a cafe while people were sitting and eating lunch and remained in her command! I’m extremely happy with her progress and will keep working on her more throughout the week at tennis courts as well!


Pupdate 9/20/21

Today Archie and I went to Janns Marketplace and continued working on Come, Heel, Place, and Down! She is doing really great with responding to her commands the first time and staying in all of her commands! We also walked around Petco and practiced down inside aswell while people walked around! Super happy with her progress!


Pupdate 9/21/21

Today Archie and I went to an Outdoor Mall and worked on Place, Down, Heel, and Come. When we got home after working in the morning, she was was able to relax and hang out in my office with the other pups and was very respectful! After a little bit of rest we practiced Door Manners. In the video you will see Archie lay down as we approach/ open the door and remain in a down until I released her. Door Manners is extremely important for Archie to obey for safety, impulse control and respect! As you can see in the video I was able to walk out the door multiple times, and move around my house without her breaking the underlying rule. Once I was ready to release Archie I released her and required her to come around me and sit by my side! She did extremely well with Door manners and working today!


Pupdate 9/22/21

Today Archie and I went to a few places and worked on different commands in each location! This morning we went to the Tennis Courts and worked on Heel and Down! This was to work on reliability with her Heel command, which she did really great with! Around 12pm we took a trip to Northridge Mall and worked on Place and Down. Once it got too hot we continued to work on Door Manners at home and she did amazing with everything today!


Pupdate 9/23/21

Today we went to Santa Monica Pier and worked on Place, Come, Heel, and Down. Archie has been doing extremely well with performing all of her commands while out in public! Her Heel has gotten super sharp and very attentative while we are walking! Archie's duration is very good and she will remain calm while other people and dogs walk by her! I am extremely happy with how she is doing!


Pupdate 9/24/21

Today we went to Santa Monic Pier and work primarily on duration with all of Archies commands! She did extremely well while lots of dogs and people walked by! Super proud of her progress!


Pupdate 9/25/21

Today we went back to Santa Monica Pier to work on all of Archie's commands! She was really responsive with all I asked from her and stayed calm and respectful! We practiced being offleash and working on intensive duration work with Down and Place! She did really well while crowds of people walked by! She is super excited to show her new skills to her parents tomorrow!


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