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Archer| Husky | 1 Year Old | Pomona | In Training

Archers a super chill guy that just joined us for our two week board and train!

Pupdate 9/29/2019

He's doing well! We introduced the collar today, practicing come, sit, and heel later on our evening walk. He ate about half of his dinner.


Pudate 09/30/2019

Pupdate 10/1/2019

Archer did well at the park today! We were so busy having fun I forgot to snap a pic. We're going back tomorrow though, so you'll get a video of him in action! He ate all of his breakfast, but didn't finish dinner.


Pupdate 10/3/2019

Pupdate 10/3/2019

Today we worked at the Home Depot! Archers heel was great around the neighborhood, but needs more work around people. The level of stimulation he needs increases with the amount of distractions around.

He ate all of his food today, and we went for a nice walk at a local park. We also switched to hypoallergenic contact points too. I noticed him itching at the collar, and though I didn't notice any signs of allergy or irritation, I wanted to stay on the safe side and switched them anyways.

Pupdate 10/5/2019

From our trip to PetSmart! He did well heeling up until we came across two small dogs. He didn't bark, but he was hopping around doing his little tippy tappy excited dance. We moved a few feet back and refocused, then walked by them again and he stayed heeling. I was really proud of him.

We also got a new toy to play with!

Pupdate 10/7/2019

We spent most of our day practicing heel, and place!

Pupdate 10/8/2019

Pupdate 10/9/2019

Waiting patiently to eat. Today we're working on basics, and off leash heeling.

Pupdate 10/10/2019

Pupdate 10/11/2019

We had a nice day in downtown Huntington Beach, and got some good training in!

Pupdate 10/12/2019


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