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Alta | Shepherd Mix | Sunland, CA | In-Training

Alta, a two year old Shepherd Mix, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our One Week Board and Train program. He comes to us with previous training but his owners are having trouble with him following or holding commands when distracted, not walking properly on leash, being anxious out in public, and jumping to greet. Over the week Alta will be working on his on leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 4/13/2023

Alta is getting settled in at my home. He was a bit nervous when we first got home, but he is getting more comfortable in his new surroundings. He met a few of my other dogs through the fence. He isn’t really interested them. He did growl when they all approached the fence, but when I told him to stop he listened and was fine with the dogs walking back and forth along the fence. I’m not sure yet if Alta doesn’t like them or if it’s just because he is nervous. So for now, I will keep him away from the rest of the pack.


Pupdate 4/14/2023

Today Alta and I went to the park to work on his obedience. We practiced commands Sit, Down, Place, and Heel. I’m not sure if he already knows the commands, but he caught on very quickly to Place. Heel is still a work in progress, but he is walking much better now. He isn’t trying pull or drag me around. Alta definitely knows his size and strength. He can be a bit stubborn and mouthy when he doesn’t want to listen. At home Alta wanted me to throw his toy but wouldn’t let me take it from him to throw. He would jump at me and try to take the toy back from me.We worked on the Out command, getting him to drop his toy or ball.


Pupdate 4/15/2023

Today Alta and I trained at home. We continued to work on his Sit, Down, Place, and Heel. I noticed as we were practicing Heel that Alta kept favoring the right side, so I switched his Heel over to the right and he is walking much better. He was giving me some trouble with the Down command today. He would lay on the dog cot, but didn’t want to lay down on the floor. I got him to do one good Down on the floor for me. When Alta starts to get tired and doesn’t want to listen he gets very mouthy and will try to nip at my hand or tries to tug at the leash. He is a smart boy and knows his commands, but can definitely be stubborn at times. He is still not sure if the other dogs. Alta will growl if they come too close to his kennel.


Pupdate 4/16/2023

Today Alta and I  went to Lowes to start working on his obedience around distractions. He was a bit distracted when we first arrived, but as we walked around and worked on his commands he was able to settle down and focus. He did much better with his down command today. He did act out a bit, biting and tugging at the leash, he didn’t want to listen, but I made sure he followed through with his commands.


Pupdate 4/17/2023

Today Alta and I  went to the park to work on his obedience. We met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers and their dogs, so Alta was able to work around dog distractions. He did very well around the other dogs, unlike at home. He interested in them, but not reactive. He was a bit stubborn with his commands today, but I made sure he followed through with them.


Pupdate 4/19/2023

Today Alta and I  went to the park to work on his obedience. We met with Mike and Sheena who helped assist me with Alta. When we first started training Alta was responding well to my commands but as we continued to work he started becoming defiant. He tried nipping and jumping on me again. He started biting and tugging at the leash. He knows he can use his mouth and his strength to try and get out of doing the commands he is told.


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