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Abby | American Labrador | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

This is Abby, a free spirit Labrador from Los Angeles, CA. Abby has recently received her final set of vaccinations, so she is ready to explore the world. Everyone and everything is new to Abby which is why she is here for a two week board and train program. Welcome Abby!


Pupdate 01/10/2021

With all dogs at Offleash SoCal, we weigh each of them upon arrival to track their weight loss/gain while with us. Abby comes in at a solid 42LBS.

Abby was starting to get the lay of the land

Despite Oso appearing to really look like a bear, both Abby and Oso became quickly acquainted and played for hours.

Abby finally got the stick from Oso- job well done Abby!


Pupdate 01/11/2021


Pupdate 01/12/2021


Pupdate 01/13/2021


Pupdate 01/14/2021


Pupdate 01/15/2021

Morning walk on Whittier Blvd. with stops at Starbucks and In-n-Out

"Place" command at the Shops of Orange

Abby's progress is moving forward

Wanted to share the down command. Abby has been at the mall (low level distractions) for almost an hour. We only have been walking, and mostly in the shade. Her breathing has been elevated since getting in the car, indicating a higher level of anxiety when she is forced to leave the home. Abby did initially bark like crazy at people and the other dogs, but did calm down after about 15 minutes. Part of your post-training homework will to be to get Abby out of the house and exposed to the local distractions little by little. She definitely can work through what is happening between her ears, however she will need to be pushed.


Pupdate 01/16/2021

Getting ready to on the hike

"Place" command on the rock- apparently eyes closed, lol

The hike included a walk around the lake

An example of the trail that we walked on. Plenty of distractions for Abby to contend with.


Pupdate 01/17/2021

Apologizes for the poorly shot video. Hopefully you get the understanding that Abby has progressed to being able to be worked with a non-trainer with another dog as well.

Early in the walk Abby was pulling to get away to investigate the people coming the other way. After about 10 minutes she got back into a correct heel.


Pupdate 01/18/2021

Abby is walking with Vanessa who is 10 years old. While this isn't a perfect heel for either of the participants, I think it illustrates that Abby is much more pliable than upon arrival and that you should have little to no issues with heeling when she returns.

Abby was really considering what those two legged weird things were up to

Abby is getting more curious

Oso couldn't help himself; Abby thought it looked fun

Back at the house post walk Abby looking rather mature


Pupdate 01/19/2021

Tried something different with the camera today. Will work to improve the overall viewing experience. Good news is Abby is definitely picking the training up. Very little use of the remote during this recorded session. Will continue to work off leash and with distractions as they prove to be the greatest challenge to Abby day in and day out.


Pupdate 01/20/2021


Pupdate 01/21/2021

Preview of Abby's final video

Warming up in the Beverly Hills garden

Catalina in the distance; Abby posing with the early morning light.

Top of Avocado Crest Drive looking into the Hacienda Country Club


Pupdate 01/22/2021

Taking a break on Rodeo after a hard day's work

Oso is attempting to show Abby how to rabbit hunt. Oso has NEVER caught anything so I'm not entirely sure that Abby will have benefited from this lesson.

Pre-Groomer; wet and filthy!

Happy and clean for a few hours, lol.


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