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Megan Cameron
Dog Trainer
AKC Evaluator

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Megan is a dog trainer with over ten years of experience working with many different types of animals. She grew up surrounded by dogs and other animals as part of her family and developed a passion for training and caring for them. Her love for animals extends from cute fluffy cats/dogs to creepy crawly reptiles and rodents! She has extensive experience in caring for various exotic animals, such as snakes, geckos, chameleons, birds, tropical fish, rabbits, mice, rats, and insects. Megan also has experience in the ethical and selective breeding of rodents and reptiles. She feels most at home when surrounded by animals and feels only love for what many might feel fear or disgust towards. Megan strongly believes that all animals deserve love, respect, and proper care, no matter the species or breed.

While her love extends to all animals, she found a particular fascination with dogs, as she learned they were highly intelligent and often eager to learn and work with humans. Her interest in dog training grew over time, and she often found herself teaching her family and friends’ dogs new tricks like how to sit, shake, and roll over. Even at a youthful age, she was starting to see the numerous possibilities that can be achieved through dog training.

In 2018, she started a job at Petco, where she gained even more hands-on experience with various dog breeds, ages, and temperaments, as well as professional experience with exotic animals. She became a dog trainer and quickly began to understand the importance of establishing basic obedience, such as a solid recall, walking in a heel position, and obeying commands no matter the situation. Megan realized that dog training was not only for fun and show but also a critical part of keeping a dog safe and out of trouble.

While working at Petco, she also took many animals into her care as fosters, since surrenders were unfortunately a common occurrence. Oftentimes the store simply did not have the space or ability to properly house all the animals brought in, and sometimes came in with health or behavioral issues and were on the list for euthanasia. Instead of standing by and watching this happen, Megan took it upon herself to bring them home and give them a better life. She fostered a variety of animals, from cats and dogs to snakes, fish, lizards, and rodents. She would bring them into her home and care for them until they were happy and healthy enough to be adopted into a new, loving forever home.

Megan also adopted two black cats from Petco, they were brought into the store as kittens from the shelter. As the months went by, they remained in the store as no one wanted to adopt them. Megan would spend her free time socializing and caring for them, only to overhear whispers of people calling them “bad luck”. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to adopt them herself. They are now a part of her animal family and have brought so much love and joy into Megan’s life.

After leaving Petco in 2020, she continued to surround herself with dogs and other animals. She helped many friends and family members with issues their dogs were having, from teaching their dogs basic obedience to correcting more serious issues such as reactivity and biting. One particular case was a family member’s pit bull terrier, who had developed extreme reactivity to other dogs. Through a lot of patience and careful training, Megan was able to correct such behaviors in the pup, which led to a calm, confident dog who was able to be brought out on walks and enjoy life again.
By helping dogs become the best versions of themselves, not only could she improve the lives and safety of the dogs, but also strengthen the bond they have with their owners. Having a well-trained pup can remove many of the stresses that may come with owning a dog, and make room for boundless fun, friendship, and adventure. No matter the struggles a dog may have, she firmly believes they each have the potential within to become a well-mannered, loyal canine companion. All it takes is the right trainer, a loving owner, dedication, and a splash of creativity!

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