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3-5's In-Home Training Program 


Our 3-5's In Home Training Program is our most involved and engaged program consisting of 3 weeks, 5 days per week in your home and around your neighborhood. We have developed our 3-5s  program to focus on the advanced training of your canine, with your involvement, in all the places that you actually take them! 

The 3-5's program takes training practices found in our Board & Train programs and brings them, in person, to you, in and around your home. This is the perfect program for the dedicated, engaged owner looking to have the best training program for their canine. 

The 3-5s program is perfect for canines that suffer from separation anxiety or an owner that wants their dog to be with them during training; so if this is your dog, or you, this is the ideal program. Get our famous 2 Week Board & Train results from the comfort of your own home!


This program includes a 15ft collar and our E-Collar and offers the following commands:

  • Come & Sit - Canine will come to the heel position and sit until released

  • Sit and Extended Sit - Canine remains in sitting position until released

  • Down and Extended Down- Canine’s elbows touch the ground until released

  • Place and Extended Place - They will sit on a specific location that you point to (dog bed/cot, park bench, etc)

  • Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking - Canine’s head near owner’s knee walking at pace with owner - not pulling

  • Waits politely for meals

  • Door Manners - Canine until released through the door

  • Car Manners/Load - Canine will be asked to “Load” into the vehicle. 
    ***All with a goal of being off leash as well***


Monday through Friday, one hour per day, for three consecutive weeks.


This is a very popular program and is usually booked for a few months in advance, so please contact us schedule an appointment.

This program is for dogs 6 months and older.

3-5's In Home Training Program - $3,000

Some of our OffLeash SoCal Customers

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