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Adrienne Lascari
Dog Trainer
K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Adrienne Lascari has been immersed in a world filled with the delightful company of various animals. With a household that played host to an array of creatures—ranging from the mundane to the exotic—Adrienne’s heart, however, has always harbored a special place for the loyal and ever-loving canine.

At home, dogs of all sizes roamed with vivacious energy, accompanied by cats, chickens, and rabbits. Each animal contributed to the tapestry of Adrienne’s early life, instilling in her a deep appreciation and understanding for the myriad of ways animals enrich our lives. Among this, canines consistently stood out as Adrienne's favorite, captivating her heart with their boundless enthusiasm and unconditional love.
The year 2019 marked a pivotal chapter in Adrienne’s life as she dove headfirst into the dynamic realm of dog training. Under the wing of an experienced Off Leash SoCal trainer, she absorbed the foundational knowledge, subtle nuances, and effective strategies fundamental to dog training. This immersive learning experience was coupled with hands-on practice, gradually expanding Adrienne's skills and confidence in managing different dog personalities and challenges.

Each dog that crossed Adrienne’s path unfolded a unique story, showcasing distinct personalities and quirks. These individual differences not only posed exciting challenges but also made the training process a thrilling adventure for her. Adrienne’s joy materialized when she witnessed the sparkle in clients’ eyes as they reunited with their transformed pets—these moments of pure, unadulterated happiness made all the effort worthwhile.

Adrienne ascended through the ranks to become a full-fledged dog trainer. She envisions a world where every dog owner shares a deep, unbreakable bond with their furry friends, a bond forged and strengthened through the crucible of training. It is through this process that owners and pets alike discover new depths to their relationship, unlocking levels of communication and understanding previously thought impossible. Join Adrienne in this remarkable journey and let her guide you and your beloved pet towards a relationship filled with more joy, trust, and mutual respect! 

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