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Boxer Dog Training | Figgy | North Hollywood, CA | OffLeashSoCal

Figgy, a Boxer from North Hollywood, CA Figgy went through the OffLeash SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Figgy was trained by Adrienne Lascari in La Habra Heights, CA.

Figgy came to OffLeash SoCal with varying behavioral issues, including pulling on the leash, squirrel chasing, jumping up when greeting, counter surfing, generally not listening to commands, and barking at stFiggys. OffLeash SoCal was successful in transforming Figgy into a well-managed pup.

The dog trainers at OffLeash SoCal are here to help you and your dog be as amazing as our before and after videos!

Contact us today (833)-OLSOCAL

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