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OffLeash SoCal Dog Trainer - Sheena Chavez

Sheena Chavez

Dog Trainer

AKC Evaluator
Member Professional Dog Trainers Association

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Sheena was born and raised in Southern California. Despite the fact that she’s lived in the suburbs, Sheena has 4 years experience on a farm through FFA, Future Farmers of America.  Sheena has competed and won multiple awards for raising goats, pigs, sheep, steers and dairy heifers. In FFA Sheena would purchase animals, raise them over the course of 8-9 months, put it through a competition show, and sell it for profit at an auction.

Sheena understood if you could train a farm animal to walk on a halter (leash), then walk next to by the guidance of your hands, and hold still while being judged for competition... how much different could it be with a dog? 

Sheena started her work in the dog industry in 2014 originally as a daycare pack leader. When Sheena first started she never expected to fall in love with dogs as much as she did; Let alone become a dog trainer. Throughout the years of working at the dog daycare and working under the tutelage of a social rehab dog trainer Sheena has gained vast knowledge about dogs behavior and dog language. 

When you can understand your dog’s emotions, what they are displaying, it makes it easier to get to the source of the problem and complete the training needed. Sheena puts in a lot of time and effort to get the best results from her training animals. In the long run Sheena knows it is all be worth it because when the owner is happy, the canine is happy. 



Dog Trainer Sheena Chaves's Balanced Canine Training Dogs

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