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During the three weeks we cover:


  • Housebreaking

  • Teaching your pup to go in and out of the kennel on command

  • Basic obedience commands- Come, sit, down, place, out, and leave it

  • Destructive chewing, digging, and other puppy behavior problems

  • Puppy nipping and biting

  • Proper socialization- with humans and other animals

  • Leash Manners- loose leash walking/heel

3 Week Puppy Board & Train Program

  • Three-week all-inclusive puppy training. Ideal for puppies that have completed their final round of vaccinations but are younger than 5 months of age.

    Our training consists of obedience and behavior problem prevention and solving. While our training uses many methods, we usually begin with positive motivational, positive reinforcement techniques (a form of "clicker training" or "positive behavior shaping") which sets the dog up to succeed.  This makes training simple and fun for your puppy.

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