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Pomeranian Mix - Dog Training | Sully | Pasadena, CA

Sully, a Pomeranian from Pasadena, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 week Board & Train dog training program. Sully was trained by dog trainer Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Day of Drop off 03/15/2020

Sully is a rescue with a fair amount of separation anxiety. As you can see Sully is a Tri-Pod, but that doesn’t hold him back. He loves to pull on the leash and is hypersensitive to loud noises. Sully will jump into your arms because he is a cuddler. He is participating in our 2 week board and train program and I couldn’t be more excited. Stand by for Sully’s transformation.


PUPDATE 03/16/2020

Sully is one tough dog when it comes to hard work. Today, he tackled place and down on place. Place is a command in which the pup holds either a sit or a down on a defined object until released.


Pupdate 03/17/2020


Sully | Pupdate 03/18/2020


Sully | Pupdate 03/19/2020

Sully is getting some great dog distractions in with Chief and Waffle (Both are my personal dogs). Sully doesn’t let other dogs size intimidate him. We have been working on not getting jealous when others dogs show affection.


Puppdate 03/20/2020


PUPDATE 03/21/2020

Sully is working fully becoming part of my pack. In my pack everyone eats together and sully is showing he can do that with multiple dogs. Sully and I are starting to create a strong bond, and be truly inspires me daily. Just when I think to myself I’m tired or I don’t have the energy. I think of how much of a hard charger Sully is, and it motivates me.


Pupdate 03/23/2020


Pupdate 03/24/2020

Today we had a puppy play date since the weather was so nice. With everything going on it’s important that Sully gets as much reward and rest as he can, because he is working so hard to stay focused.


Pupdate 03/25/2020


Pupdate 03/26/2020

We train as a pack as eat as a pack. Tonight I made the pups some chicken and they all loved it.


Pupdate 03/27/2020


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