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Rusty | 1 year old | Labrador | Woodland Hills, CA | In Training

Update #8

Had a great session doing some OFF LEASH training in Home Depot. Rusty got plenty of compliments :)


Update# 7

He did such a great job doing “Place” while cars driving by and people walking by!


Update #6

Rusty and his partner doing some distraction training out in public today!


Update #5

Doing some ”House manner” training this morning!


Update #4

Taking that union break after a long morning training session! Well deserve! He’s doing amazin!


Update #3

Doing some dog distraction while going around in circles while Rusty is on a duration “Sit”!


Update #2

Partnering up with some dog distractions! Holding a perfect ”Sit“ next to Korra!


Update #1

Todays session was learning “Place” with cars driving by and people walking by. Looking great Rusty!


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