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Rome | Labrador/Pitbull Mix | West Hollywood, CA | In Training

Rome is joining us for our Two-Week Board and Train. He is a playful, sweet boy who loves to snuggle and snore but he needs to learn to listen outside. He loves meeting new people and pets but he doesn't like to share his bones, or leave the cat alone, and he likes to play bite, and jump. Watch how much he grows in the next two weeks!

Weighing in at 27.7lbs!

Pupdate 08/02/2020

Rome spent his first day learning his new surroundings and getting to know the family. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and he came home and snored for a couple of hours. We introduced the E-Collar without the remote today and did some hand feeding and crate training. He was excitedly barking at the other dogs so we will be addressing that during his stay. He was very curious and played with some toys on our puppy box. He likes to play tug.

Pupdate 08/03/2020

He weighs 27.9lbs!

Rome went to a meet up with another trainer today. He met Lola, the husky, and Winter, the poodle. He slept through the night, snoring off and on. He had his first lesson today, working on come, sit, and break with the e collar. He is an adventurous boy who loves to sniff and mark his way down the street! We will be working on that.

Pupdate 08/04/2020

Rome worked on a lot today. On our walk to a new park we worked on heel, place, and come. We learned some new commands, down and door manners. Interesting fact, he likes hunting crickets and flies. He is eating his food like a champ and learning to trade his bones for treats.

Pupdate 08/05/2020

Rome went to the park today and met my 9 year old nephew, Jack. He worked on come to sit around distractions, at two different parks. We also added duration to place.

Pupdate 08/06/2020

Rome had a more relaxed day today. He worked on place while the other dogs got baths. He was very happy to stay on place and not get wet. We went for a walk in the neighborhood to work on heel and come. We learned he has a concrete preference for potty breaks. He's such a silly, cute boy! While working on down he decided it meant upside down, belly rub time! My heart! We also worked on greetings and not jumping up, no matter how hard it is to refuse his cuteness!

Pupdate 08/07/2020

Rome worked on adding duration to his commands now. We worked around dog distractions for heeling and added his name meaning sit when we finish walking. He would much rather be snuggled on your lap than placing next to you on a dog bed but he's slowly learning place has its rewards. He is also improving not sniffing so much on our structured walks, in heel and likes making eye contact so you know, he knows it's focus time. He likes to cheat for his sits and just bend his foot back, it's a very interesting way of sitting. He's so cute and full of personality, he definitely knows how to charm his way, but we are working on him learning new ways to get what he wants.

Pupdate 08/08/2020

Rome had an exciting day today! We went to a new larger park and worked on a lot of distractions, people, dogs, skateboards, bicycles, squirrels! We added distance while dragging the leash and he nailed it! He also got to have a little play date with his friend Winnie!

Pupdate 08/09/2020

Rome is nailing his off leash skills! He is still dragging the leash, but we are building our commands around distractions. I noticed he like to chase things that fly or jump (bugs, birds, bubbles) so we worked around a bird today. We increased our door manner distractions and he did a great down, then come to sit!

Pupdate 08/10/2020

Rome has graduated to dragging a shorter leash! We went out working around distractions both people and dogs. We worked on our weaving during heel along with door manners and puppy push ups.

Pupdate 08/11/2020

Rome is getting used to the shorter leash dragging. He was not a fan of it touching him with his short legs! He is a cute stubborn boy! In the mornings he is a fast walker, and in the evenings he is much slower. He tries to get away with stuff until he's tired then he does it excellently so he can go take a break or go play. So silly, we are working on his stubbornness.

Pupdate 08/12/2020

Rome placed for the entire movie How Do You Know. While being distracted by the company of my dog Sergeant. He is slowly learning the leash dragging isn't so bad.

Pupdate 08/13/2020

Rome had a great day working on all the commands off leash and with distractions. We went on a walk and worked on his fear of things with wheels. He's gaining weight and he got to have another play session with his friend Winter. He also got to his mom on our zoom call!

Pupdate 08/14/2020

Rome has come a long way! It's so exciting getting to walk around with him leash free! We walked around our neighborhood leash free and even though his short legs keep his pace slower, he tries to keep up. He also waited very patiently for his food while working on his puppy push ups at a distance! He is such a cutie!

Pupdate 08/15/2020

29.9 lbs!

Our last day with Rome was filled with adventure and excitement! We filmed our final video and got to experience some very fun walks! He has learned and grown so much! It was a blast getting to train and watch Rome! Winter is going to miss her new friend! We went over all his commands and tested them in new environments and he got to have so much fun at the park not dragging a leash around!



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