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Ripley | Labrador Retriever | Pacific Palisades, CA | In Training

Ripley is a 18 month old black Labrador Retriever that is doing our 2 week board and train program. Ripley is fun and energetic but when it comes to obeying commands, she needs assistance. She also pulls on the leash when meeting new people or dogs. This is Ripley's third training program due to incorrect training techniques in the past but I am very confident Ripley will do great! Third time's a charm!

First picture of training!

Getting to know all the good smells

Ripley's waist line to note her BCS (Body Condition Score) at time of arrival


PUPDATE 8/17/2020

Say "Cheese"!


PUPDATE 8/18/2020

Today was all about getting comfortable on different Place objects! Ripley was a little hesitant at first, but in the end she was rocking it!


PUPDATE 8/19/2020

Taking a break from some hard work

Practicing off leash heel with the leash dragging behind

Door manners


PUPDATE 8/20/2020

Good good, good Sit

Look at those eyes!!


PUPDATE 8/21/2020


PUPDATE 8/22/2020

Miss Ripley practicing Duration Sit on our daily walk around the neighborhood.

Ripley learning Place on higher place objects and she did great!


PUPDATE 8/23/2020

Ripley and my dog enjoying some rest time before the day gets too warm

Food Manners!

More confidence building!


PUPDATE 8/24/2020

Ripley found a very large stick and was carrying it around everywhere!


PUPDATE 8/25/2020

She was very interested in that squirrel near the tree!


PUPDATE 8/26/2020

Can you see her??


PUPDATE 8/27/2020


PUPDATE 8/28/2020

Cool down time!


PUPDATE 8/29/2020

Bath Time!

Definitely not her idea of fun!

Fresh and Clean and ready to come home!

Her waist line after training. She did not lose much weight but she looks more toned so she gained more muscle!

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