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Riot | 1 Year Old | American Staffordshire Terrier Mix | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Welcoming Riot as the newest Off Leash two week board and train program! He is an adventurous young boy who is here to learn some fundamental commands and build a solid foundation of obedience to bring back home to his family!

Pupdate 08/31/2020

Good looking boy enjoying a break from our long walk today building a strong bond before getting right into command work.

Pupdate 09/01/2020

Pupdate 09/02/2020

Group work with some other pups in training and Co-trainers today. Riot did great in a larger group setting!

Pupdate 09/03/2020

Riot out at a local school taking on some heel practice. Riot is doing much better at not walking ahead of me and matching my pace while on walks. We have been practicing U-turns repetitively teaching him to follow my direction change.

Pupdate 09/04/2020

Putting the E-Collars flashlight function to use during our night walk.

Pupdate 09/05/2020

Out taking a quick potty break out in the shade today. We completed most of our work indoors today practicing commands in the comfort of air conditioning. Beating this heat wave!

Pupdate 09/06/2020

Place to place night time training. Riot holding the place command for this photo.

Pupdate 09/07/2020

Off leash heeling today. Riot is doing great at sticking by me while walking but still needs some light correcting with the E-Collar to remind him to match my pace and not start getting ahead.

Pupdate 09/08/2020

Riot out enjoying the cooler weather today. We took a long walk together with my dog Kylo. Once riot got over wanting to play with him, he was able to relax and focus on his commands.

Pupdate 09/09/2020

Riot out at a park tonight with another trainer and more off leash in training pups. Getting some socialization in. Off Leash night training keeping cool!

Pupdate 09/10/2020

Practicing sitting and waiting calmly before being released with the "Break" command to eat his meals. This is a fantastic exercise to work on building basic obedience skills and promote calmness in Riot.

Pupdate 09/11/2020

Door manners practice, waiting to be released from his command before exiting the front door. Another way to promote patience and obedience during your daily routine.

Pupdate 09/12/2020

Off leash practicing today killing it with his commands. He is very excited to go home and show off some of his new learned skills.



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Hours of Operation

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