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Silver Lab - Dog Training | Nya | Torrance, CA

Nya​ the Silver Lab from ​Torrance​, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Nya was trained by ​dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA​.

Pupdate 03/22/2020

Welcoming in Nya for our 2 week board and train program. She is a big loving girl who likes to pull and has selective hearing when it comes to listening to commands. She is going to be practicing manners these next two weeks and learning some fundamental commands that will help her be a more behaved girl.


Pupdate 03/23/2020

Nya out on our walk today. She is slowly getting used to the E-Collar and enjoyed the quiet relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. She was very alert for most of the walk but started pulling on the leash much less after some E-Collar corrections.


Pupdate 03/23/2020


Pupdate 03/24/2020

Nya did much better on our walk today quitting the leash pulling and doing a very good heel. She is more open to following commands now that she is trusting me more and more with everyday.


Pupdate 03/25/2020


Pupdate 03/26/2020

Nya killing it on heel today during our walk around an empty school. Lots of direction and pace changes but she was keeping up very well. She is a very sweet dog once she warms up to you.


Pupdate 03/27/2020

Nya and I took a walk around the neighborhood today practicing loose leash heel with me using minimal leash handling during our walk. She is successfully auto sitting during our walk which I am very happy about because at first she was pulling me over when I stopped moving.


Pupdate 03/28/2020

Even though the parks are partly closed Nya and I are still finding plenty of good spots to train at. We did some off leash today walking around this small park and she was killing it!


Pupdate 03/29/2020

Nya cooling off by the fountain after our long walk. The warmer weather is definitely wearing her out faster. We've been walking a little farther everyday slowly building up her endurance.


Pupdate 03/30/2020


Pupdate 03/31/2020

Walking along traffic as a distraction today. Nya wasn't bothered much by the cars but got pretty concerned about another fellow dog walker passing by us with a dog that wouldn't stop barking at us. After pushing past that distraction she was great the rest of our walk and was needing minimal corrections.


Pupdate 04/01/2020

Nya on a walk with the whole pack today. She met baby Kylo and was very patient with him even as he excitedly jumped all over her. A nice long walk with her in training class partner Zombie before dinner.


Pupdate 04/02/2020

Nya off leash on a run today. She has been exercising a lot with me and a week and a half into training I'm noticing a substantial difference in her endurance. Being able to last longer on our walks before getting so tires we have to take a break. Very proud of her!


Pupdate 04/02/2020


Pupdate 04/03/2020

Nya practicing door manners at home today and doing very well. When we first started she wanted to bolt through that door before I could even touch the handle.


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