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Mango | XL Pit Bull | Redondo Beach, CA | Boarding

Meet Mango, a one year old XL Pit Bull from Redondo Beach, CA. Mango has joined us for over a week of boarding. We will be spending time together going on walks and having playtime. Mango will even get to meet new friends to run around and play with. We will also keep up with Mango's commands to be consistent in maintaining his training!


Pupdate 3/25/2024

Mango had no issues settling into my home. He got to catch up on playtime with some old friends. Mango's friends could not keep up with him as he ran around.  He explored the yard and even had some fun on the trampoline. After all that fun, Mango relaxed in the sun.


Pupdate 3/26/2024

Today Mango and I had a day filled with catch and tug-of-war. I haven’t won a game of tug-of-war against Mango yet because of how strong he is! Mango loves to trick me by dropping the toy and going after it when I try to reach for it. We practice a little bit on him releasing the toy when I say ‘out’. Once he got that down, we were able to play fetch. After all that running back-and-forth, I thought Mango would be tired, but I was wrong!


Pupdate 3/27/2024

Today Mango joined Amanda and I for a fun day at the beach! We even practiced on Mango’s commands around all the distractions. Mango did great walking around with us. He met new friends along the way. We relaxed and soaked up the sun before it was time to head home. 


Pupdate 3/28/2024

Today Mango got to take another trip with us to the beach. We headed to Santa Monica where we walked around the pier and met up with the other pups in training. Mango was so happy to meet new friends. He had the best time being by the ocean and doing a pack walk with his friends!


Pupdate 3/29/2024

Today, Mango and I went for a walk up the street. I gave him some breaks during the walk to let him explore. When his breaks were over I made sure he stayed in a heel. The rest of the day Mango played at home with his favorite toy. 


Pupdate 3/30/2024

Today Mango had some fun in the rain. He played with his friend and he even got a new toy. Mango and I played fetch most of the day. He was so excited to have a new ball, but it didn’t last long until he destroyed it. 


Pupdate 3/31/2024

Happy Easter from Mango! Today Mango wasn’t very fond of the rain. He tried to stay out of it as much as he could, but he couldn’t contain his daily zoomies. Mango and I took advantage of the time we had with no rain and played fetch. During our game of fetch, Mango thought it would be more fun if I chased him for the ball. After all that running, Mango a was ready for a nap. 


Pupdate 4/1/2024

Today Mango showed off his skills to a new friend. He was very excited because he got some treats out of it. After he showed us all the commands he knows, it was time to play. All the tennis balls have been destroyed, so Mango explored the yard instead. 


Pupdate 4/2/2024

Today Mango had another day full of fun. This morning we went for a walk then came back for a game of fetch. The weather was a bit warmer today, so Mango took a few breaks in the shade. He did some more exploring and had long naps in between play times. 


Pupdate 4/3/2024

Today Mango and I headed to La Mirada Regional Park. We had a long walk around the park which Mango did great heeling along with me. We passed by the lake where Mango kept his distance from the birds but watched as they quacked. Once we got home, Mango and his friend had a pool party to stay cool in this heat!


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