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Great Pyrenees - Dog Training | Lincoln | Orange, CA

Lincoln, a Great Pyrenees / Boxer mix from Orange, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train Program. Lincoln was trained by dog trainer Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Day of drop off

Lincoln the 3 year old Great Pyrenees/ Boxer Mix is here for OffLeash SoCal’s 2 week board and train program. Lincoln joins Chris’ camp because he shows signs of aggression towards other dogs, he is timid around people, and doesn’t have the best leash manners. Lincoln is highly intelligent when he calms down and gets comfortable. We will be working with exposing him to new things to build his confidence. I’m looking forward to these next two weeks and I can’t wait for his parents to see his success.


Pupdate 07/27/2020


Pupdate 07/28/2020

Lincoln is finally starting to trust me and open up. We took a stroll around the neighborhood today and in the beginning he wasn’t too thrilled, but after some consistency he understood I’m only here to help him out.


Pupdate 07/29/2020


Pupdate 07/30/2020


Pupdate 07/31/2020


Pupdate 07/31/2020


Pupdate 08/01/2020

Lincoln is all smiles when it comes to his training. He has been eating chicken, rice, and hot dogs when we train. Lincoln and I have formed a bond and trust as he let me give him a bath today to help with his itchy skin.


Pupdate 08/02/2020

Look at the smiles on Lincoln. He has really started to open up to all of this training and be receptive. I’m glad that he finally trusts me and we have a positive working relationship.


Pupdate 08/03/2020


Pupdate 08/04/2020

Lincoln has truly transformed into a happy fun loving boy who enjoys training. You can tell he is highly intelligent and when he puts his mind to it he can learn quickly. Today we took our routine walk around the neighborhood heeling but this time working to get off leash. He hardly needs the leash and is more or less used to guide him to stay on my left side.

Pupdate 08/05/2020


Pupdate 08/06/2020

Lincoln is still hit or miss when it comes to his kibble. I have been adding chicken and rice with his kibble to try and have him maintain the right amount of nutrients his body needs during his training. Tomorrow will be a big day getting him ready to go home and make mom and dad proud.


Pupdate 08/07/2020


Pupdate 08/08/2020


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