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Doberman Pinscher - Dog Training | Kobe | Whittier, CA

Kobe, a Doberman Pinscher from Whittier City, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Kobe was trained by dog trainer Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Kobe aka Black Mamba is ready to hit the court and train like The Man The Myth The Legend. OffLeash SoCal couldn't be more excited and proud to have Kobe with us, for our 2 Week Board and Train. Within these next 2 weeks we are going to hit as many distractions as possible, to mold this young pup into a man. I cant wait for Kobe to show his true potential.


Pupdate 03/02/2020


PUPDATE 03/03/2020

What a day Kobe had, I bet he’s going to be exhausted. Today Kobe was able to hangout and train with the pack. These are my pups Waffle (The Rottweiler) and Big Chief ( The Cane Corso Mastiff). These guys are great at welcoming the new pups in and making them feel at home. Today Kobe got some on leash walking, as well as learning how to load up in the truck. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.


Pupdate 03/04/2020


PUPDATES 03/05/2020

I had my little helper Ryder today helping me train the pups. Kobe has a lot of energy but is able to turn into a sweetheart when Ryder is around. While at the park we went down the slide, placed on the planter box and made some new friends. Kobe is going to need to hit the showers and get some rest.


Pupdate 03/06/2020


Pupate 03/07/2020


PUPDATE 03/08/2020

Kobe said his old life is water under the bridge, he is a gentlemen now. I take Kobe and Kai everywhere I go so they are as familiar with people and places as possible.


PUPDATE 03/09/2020

Sometimes you work hard, sometimes you play hard, we make sure we do both.


Pupdate 03/10/2020


Pupdate 03/11/2020


Pupdate 03/12/2020

Love is enjoying training off leash in Lowe’s where it’s nice and dry.


Pupdate 03/13/2020

Kobe’s ears look really good and have been standing up straight no problem. He is doing great work. In the pictures he does not have his e collar on because I am working on enforcing his commands without it. He is doing a great job.


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