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German Shepherd Dog Training | Cera | Gardena, CA

Cera, a German Shepherd mix from Gardena, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 week Board & Train dog training program. Cera was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana, Ca.

Say hello to Cera, from Gardena, who came to use for our 1-Week Board and Train Program. She is a sweet girl and her parents just want to be able to walk her without her barking at everyone and pulling on the leash. Stay tuned for her transformation over the next 7 days!


Pupdate 03/28/21

Cera spent her first day getting to know her new environment. She was not a fan of anyone at first. She eventually warmed up and we worked on some basics before going for an evening walk. She worked on walking in a loose leash and being comfortable with me. She was not a fan of people passing by, cars, or bicycles. She did not eat all her food but that is normal for the first day. She does like to give paw though, it is very cute!


Pupdate 03/29/21

Cera had a busy day. She went to the park to work on her fear of people and learn the commands with the e collar. She did not want to eat breakfast but she was more willing for dinner after lots of walkies. She picked up the commands, she enjoys the break command, and is getting the hang of loose leash walking.


Pupdate 03/30/31

Cera had an exciting day today! She explored my backyard while I did some work and she got to work on her recall and sit. We also worked on her not being so scared around other people and moving objects. She did not want to finish her breakfast but she ate half of her dinner today.


Pupdate 03/31/21

Cera worked on adding duration and distraction to her commands. She worked on heeling out in public and being ok with crowds of people walking by her. She made a friend named Tux and they worked on place together. She is still being picky about food but is eating a bit every day.


Pupdate 04/01/21

Cera worked in the backyard with me today. She worked on the long leash, practicing her commands with her new friend, Tux. She worked on adding duration to her down and sit. She worked on place while I ate dinner and watched The Blacklist. She did not want to finish her food but she ate more today than yesterday.


Pupdate 04/02/21

Cera worked around crowds today, She went out to an outdoor mall, where there were lots of distractions. She was not a fan of all the people but over time she felt more confident. She is still picky with her food and only ate about half of each meal but is still drinking lots of water.


Pupdate 04/03/21

Cera spent her last day on an adventure. She worked around different dog distractions. We also went to a few different parks to work on ducks and heeling around people. She also worked on her manners. She is all packed and ready and ended the evening with lots of snuggles and more walks!



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