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Ava | English Bulldog | Irvine, Ca | In-Training

Ava, an 8 month old English Bulldog, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 1 week board and train program. Ava is a sweet little girl who melts the hearts of everyone that meets her. Over the 1 week program she will be working on her obedience and manners. Check in to see her progress!


Pupdate 8/17/2020

Today Ava worker on the come command and place command. She enjoyed hopping on the dog cot to do place. Come is still a work in progress, she would stare at me and walk the other way when she didn’t feel like listening. She is having a great time with all her doggie friends, running around and playing.


Pupdate: 8/18/2020

My apologies for not having this post up. I was having an issue uploading to the app. Today Ava and I practiced commands around the neighborhood. We worked on come to sit and heel. I took Ava to dinner with me, at my family’s restaurant, where she practiced place/duration sit.


Pupdate 8/19/2020


Pupdate 8/20/2020


Pupdate 8/21/2020

Today Ava and I went for a little shopping spree at The Outlets at Orange. She didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. She threw a little tantrum because she was tired of walking around And was ready to go home. We worked on heel, duration sit & down, place, and come.



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