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Tanner Strong.jpeg

Tanner Strong
Dog Trainer
AKC Evaluator

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Tanner's first professional experience with animals was from working on a farm in North Carolina at just 12 years of age! At this farm Tanner began working with horses, sheep, goats and of course, plenty of dogs! His duties included feeding, cleaning, and administering preventative medicine to all the animals. He continued working at the farm every summer for the years to come. Then, at the ripe old age of fifteen, he started working at a local Veterinary hospital. Here is where Tanner learned to care for injured and sick dogs, assisted with everything from routine checkups to surgeries, and made sure each dog got the attention they deserve. Tanner worked both at the farm and the Veterinary hospital throughout high school and while he was home from college. 

         While attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tanner applied to be a kennel technician at a training center in Chapel Hill. Rather than becoming a kennel technician he was offered a position as a dog trainer! This is where his passion for caring for dogs grew into a passion for training. Tanner has worked with all breeds of dogs, big and small, including Cane Corso’s, English Mastiffs, Wolf Hybrids and Tibetan Mastiffs. His previous experience started to come in handy when working with the larger breeds. 
   Three years later, Tanner graduated from University of North Carolina in 2021. This marked his ending with his local dog training center in Chapel Hill. Tanner quickly made the move from North Carolina to Los Angeles, where he heard about Balanced Canine Training SoCal and immediately knew he had to join the team! Tanner can’t wait to be a part of your journey with your new trained pup!

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