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Siberian Husky - Dog Training | Sora | Fullerton, CA

Sora, a Siberian Husky from Fullerton California, went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board and Train dog training rogram. Sora was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA.

This is Sora the 2 year old Siberian Husky from Fullerton. He is an enthusiastic high energy boy with a lot to say about things. He has had some of the basics taught to him but has no attention span in public and is all over the place when there is too much going on for him. He is a major puller, face/hand nipper, and couch chewer with separation anxiety. He is joining us for a two week board and train program to learn how to behave in public and get better at being calm around the house. Can't wait to see this guys incredible transformation over the next 14 days!


Pupdate 03/16/2020

Sora is getting all settled in! He slept all the way through the night in his kennel with no fuss at all! He is definitely chatting in there during the day, but I'm sure he will get more comfortable with it over the next few days. We worked in the front yard this afternoon cleaning up his commands. He does have a basic knowledge of all of them but needs a bit of work on his clarity and consistency. He hasn't worked up much of an appetite yet, but dad said he is a picky eater so that is to be expected. He is getting along well with his foster brother Nico, their favorite games are pee wars and racing around the backyard to see who is faster.


Pupdate 03/17/2020

Sora is doing pretty good for day 2, His appetite has kicked in and he is even eating his dry food without any additives! He slept through the night and had a blast in his morning play session. We went to a park with lots of birds and noise to practice his heel and and place commands. He was pretty wily for the first half hour we were there but once he calmed down he made a ton of progress!


Pupdate 03/18/2020

Sora is coming along! We worked on all of his stationary commands today. Getting him better with distance and duration while cleaning up the distinction between sit, down, and place. He does throw typical husky tantrums here and there but is getting better. His appetite is still strong, eating all his dry food without anything special added.


Pupdate 03/19/2020

Sora went to the park today to work on his heel. He is still going to need to work on his distraction level, as he did break his command for a few things he thought interesting, but he is coming along! He gets calmer and sharper by the day! He is still eating great and having a blast with his foster brother Nico, they even had a bit of a cuddle session during one of their potty breaks!


Pupdate 03/20/2020

Sora worked on his heel, sit, down, and recall today. We worked on speed changes as well as sitting when stopped in a heel. He is coming along awesome! He is working up to longer distances and durations with his sits and downs and is nailing his heel. He is sleeping through the night and is quieting down a ton during the day. All in all great progress on all fronts!


Pupdate 03/21/2020

Sora worked through some high level distractions today at El Dorado Park in Long Beach today. Between a lake, tons of birds, and taunting squirrels Sora performed great. He is getting the hang of his break command, actually doing what he wants when he is told he can. He does default down when he is tired/hot, which happens a lot with all his fur! But we are working on it and he is coming along. He did such a good job going against his instincts to go in the lake at the park I filled the kiddie pool in the backyard up for him. He had a blast leaping in there and playing inbetween speed racer sessions with Nico!


Pupdate 03/22/2020

Sora worked at the park today on his puppy push ups! This is learning/clarifying the difference between sit and down while practicing going between the two. He was really struggling at first but really got into the spirit of it after a minute! He needs a bit more work on it tomorrow, but I'm sure he is excited to show off. He is eating well without additives, having a blast with Nico, and is just about as quiet as a church mouse in his kennel these days.


Pupdate 03/23/2020

Sora got his downs and sits polished up a bit more today. We did what's called a backtie session, which helps give Sora a ton of clarity on what we mean when we ask him to sit/down. He still has a hiccup or two to polish up before he is ready to go home but he is getting closer everyday!


Pupdate 03/24/2020

Sora did more distance work today in an empty parking lot. He is doing awesome! We worked through toy distractions with his favorite ball of Nico's and even got some applause from a family passing by on a walk!


Sora Pupdate 03/25/2020

Sora had a great session in an empty South Coast Plaza. We did his whole lesson with one of the biggest distractions ever, treats. They were scattered around and he had to refrain from eating them unless he was on break. He navigated Heel, did long distance Sit/Downs, recalls, and extended Placing all with treats around as temptation. Not once did he break his commands to snack! He did so well I rewarded him with a full pool during his afternoon play session with Nico and boy was he excited about that. He spent the whole playtime doing sprints around the back yard and leaping into the pool to cool down. Took a bit of time to dry him off and brush him out but it was worth it!


Pupdate 03/26/2020

Sora did some distance work at the park today! we worked on staying in Downs/Sits at large distances and being recalled out of them. He did awesome! He is a sharp boy and is all kinds of tuckered out from all the running around!


Pupdate 03/27/2020

These boys sure are going to miss each other! Sora was working hard filming his results video today and got an extra long play session after as a reward. He is doing awesome and I can't wait to get to show off his skills to his dad!


Pupdate 03/28/2020

Last session with this sweet boy! We are going to miss his sweet cuddly nature, him and Nico are getting extra playtime tonight since I know they will miss hanging out. He has come so far in these past two weeks!


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