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Snow | Husky Dog Training | Anaheim, CA

Snow, a 1 year old Siberian Husky from Anaheim, CA just completed his 2 Week Board & Train dog training and obedience bootcamp with Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Chris Ramirez.

In Training:

Update #6

Couldnt help myself, I had to take this picture not only cause he’s so perfect but cause his breed name is very well known Lol. Today was another great session working with distractions and using his commands the same time. He’s really responsive to it all!


Update #5

Today was training on some dog distraction. Went pretty well and his commands and ”Heels” are getting much sharper! Pretty happy with our progress and it will get only better from here!


Update# 4

Snow is getting faster and faster with his response time when given commands! Here hes displaying “Place” on a cot for him to gain the confidence to get onto any object no matter the texture. He’s a smart boy!


Update #3

Since it’s raining season, when there’s shine, we smile cause we can get a great training session in! We did some “Heel” training to no learn not to pull on the leash anymore while walking. It’s only getting better from here!


Update #2

Pretty awesome day of training the beautiful pup! Super excited 24/7 to do anything so I’m using that motivation to our advantage. He’s getting the hang of a few comamnds so far. His drive is definitely there!


Update #1

Meet Snow! He’s here for our 2 week obedience boarding and training. He’s owner just adopted him recently and has a few concerns, he loves to pull on the leash, gets super excited when he sees other dogs, jumps on people and doesn’t listen very well. He loves Snow very much and wants him to have a very happy obedience lifestyle. Stay tuned for the next two weeks and see his progress!


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