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Shishiko | Boxer Dog Training | Los Angeles, CA

Meet Shishiko a 6 months old Boxer from Los Angeles, CA. Shishiko just finished her Balanced Canine Training 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. See her results!

In Training:

Update #8

Shishiko and I took training to the beach today since this was the first clear blue ski we’ve had for a few days. Here he’s showing off his ”Place“ command OFF LEASH. We focused a lot with distraction work getting everything fine tuned. He’s getting better and better with his obedience!


Update #7

Getting some night work in with a bunch of distraction! We had random dogs barking at us and a fitness boot camp happen around us. Shishiko still maintained his obedience amongst it all! So proud of you buddy!


Update #6

Making progress with all of his commands and with his obedienc! So proud of you buddy!


Update #5

He did AMAZING with detection work! From not knowing anything to have great confidence in finding the oder!


Update #4

Today, we had lots of fun doing some detection work putting his nose and mind to work! He caught on so fast just like with his commands!


Update #3

Today was some nature distraction training! Worked on his “Place” command on the bench to build some confidence! Great job


Update #2

Today was a great start without the jumping and continuing to understand the commands. He’s making progress!


Update #1

This good looking stud takes his breed to a whole other level. The way he greets people is by jumping and boxing them, literally! He will be doing our 3 week board and train learning people manners, house manners, and lots of commands! Stay tuned for his progress!!


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