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Senga | Goldendoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In- Training

Meet Senga! He is a 6 month old Goldendoodle from Los Angeles, CA who is here for our3 Week Board and Train Program. Senga pulls heavily on leash and generally speaking doesn't like to do things he doesn't want to. When it is time to get into the car Senga gives his family a hard time by pulling back, biting on the leash and nipping at them. During his time with us Senga will learn leash manners, basic obedience, and show him that following the handler is not such a bad thing! Stay tuned for his 3 Week transformation.


Pupdate 09/03/2022

Senga spent the bulk of the day familiarizing himself with his temporary home and all of its animals. Oso welcomed Senga to his yard sharing the open space and allowing Senga to explore all of the corners of the yard. Senga showed me what he knows in terms of commands, had some dinner, and was weighed- 43lbs. Because of the extreme heat training will start in earnest tomorrow. Senga didn't eat any significant portion of his dinner.


Pupdate 09/04/2022

Let me tell you, you picked the best time not to be in Los Angeles, lol! Because of the heat I was limited to early, and what will be later tonight to practice. Senga has settled in and made friends with Oso and Laila (training too). The three enjoy romping around in the yard when he isn't sleeping or getting some training in.

I hope the video is self explanatory. Please let me know if you have questions. He was served dinner about 20 minutes ago, and he hasn't eaten yet. I will continue to update you on the food status- it isn't uncommon for pups to not eat when they first arrive. I will be adding goodies starting tomorrow if the pattern continues.

Stay tuned!


Pupdate 09/05/2022

Happy Labor Day! Senga again was out early working on more of the same. The video is of the COME command and Sit command.

Senga is very smart, funny, and somewhat mischievous. I'm very much enjoying our work. Senga did again not eat his dinner yesterday or breakfast this morning. I then added a tablespoon of Greek Yogurt to his food, and Viola!, he ate.


Pupdate 09/06/2022

Had a very good day of training today. Senga was still up early because of the heat and continued to work on Come and Sit- Senga still insists on sitting on my toes. We took a break and ate breakfast (he ate everything- dinner too). We then went on a walk around my neighborhood. Senga's heel is very good. No issues with walking with the handler- Senga, however, is very unnerved by noises and objects that he is unfamiliar with. We will continue to get him out on a daily basis to try to overcome the distractions that cause his issues.


Pupdate 09/07/2022

Still very hot again today, so out early for another Heel command walk through the neighborhood first thing this morning. Senga, again, did very well heeling despite having Laila on my right side (double heel). Senga auto-sits at corners, rarely pulls, and isn't as curious as I imagined with other dogs in the neighborhood.

After breakfast, and a rest, we ventured out to meet some of the other trainers. In the video we work on heeling with canine distractions. Again, Senga, did very well. Senga was very disinterested in the geese and ducks in the park as well.

Late this afternoon, I let all three dogs in the backyard. Senga has taken a liking to roaming through a large Taro plant. The ground is moist, and cool, compared to most everything else outside. Senga has chewed on some of the stalks, along with digging in the plant bed so I installed a plastic fence to keep all of the dogs out. He ate the fence this afternoon. The wire fence will be going in tomorrow, lol.


Pupdate 09/08/2022

Hope you enjoy!

All is good with Senga, eating everything now, getting along well with others, with the exception of the garden, all is good.


Pupdate 09/09/2022

Overall I'm very pleased with the progress that Senga has made. The weather has been an absolute bear this week and he has hung in like a trooper. Starting tomorrow we get a break in the heat so we should be able to rack up some heeling miles and much more out in public distraction work.


Pupdate 09/10/2022

This morning we met up with one of our brand new (first day) trainers- Jeanette! Jeanette comes from a corporate background but has dreamt of working with dogs since she was a little girl. Jeanette was able to walk Senga off leash around in the park with dog, squirrel, human, and automotive distractions. In addition, Jeanette was able to learn the inside 180 degree turn because Senga makes things so easy.

I'm increasingly hopeful that Senga will come back to you Gayle is such a way that you'll have little to no problems getting him going anywhere and everywhere.


Pupdate 09/11/2022

Senga this morning went to a turn-over for another dog that completed our one week training program. Senga got to work with Jeanette again; covering heel, down, place, sit all with dog and human distractions. This evening we were able to get this heel video! No leash, two dogs, low distraction (this will improve). Senga did awesome.


Pupdate 09/12/2022

Today Senga went on the now routine four mile, off leash walk this morning. He did very well sitting each time I stopped, downing when asked. This aspect of his training is coming along very well.

This afternoon we went to Home Depot. I like to work on Place there because of the pallets of pavers (pictured). Senga does well getting onto objects that are about head high, but taller than that he struggles and wants you to help him up. We will continue to work with him, but it appears that he doesn't like (?) to jump? Additionally, while at HD we walked through the store off leash without issue. He was greeted by three employees without issue.

This evening we will go for our now normal 1.5 mile walk through the neighborhood.


Pupdate 09/13/2022

Senga and Laila both came down to Long Beach for some training by the water. The first picture was a Place command for both. The final picture was taken from about 50 feet away while they both were in the Place command.

Both pups were off leash Heeling for the better part of 90 minutes while walking through the neighborhood. Both did very well!


Pupdate 09/14/2022

Senga today was out with five of our trainers. I specifically asked Amanda to work with him to improve his jumping skills. As I have previously stated, Senga likes to walk on to things, but doesn't like to jump. Thus far it has been difficult to teach him to load into a vehicle properly since he won't jump. There will be more jump training as we have only begun.


Pupdate 09/15/2022


Pupdate 09/16/2022

After making BIG progress yesterday during training, I thought today we could have Friday Fun Day!! After the morning walk with a 4X4 heel, all the dogs were able to relax and play. They definitely played hard, so rest they will tonight.


Pupdate 09/17/2022

We went to the Block of Orange (Shops of Orange) today. Senga did very well demonstrating Come, Sit, Down, Place, Heel, and Come to Heel. He did very well over all but the more he practices the better he'll get.



We were out practicing the Under command today. Senga does fairly well; actually can walk under the chair so having to modify the command to include Down at the appropriate time.


Pupdate 09/19/2022

Today we were out at the Century City Mall, an outdoor, dog friendly mall. Senga did very well! Senga has really mastered the being out in public aspect of the training. He enjoys going out, being out, and maybe, slightly disappointed in coming back.

He preformed all the command without issue including "Under" with a slightly more narrow area to get into.

Senga was also greeted and petted by a toddler with their parents assistance. He was incredibly sweet to the young child.


Pupdate 09/20/2022

In working with someone new, or a new command, we always put the leash back on allowing the maximum control. Senga did very well with Sheena; Sheena was looking for behavioral cues to how Senga was responding.


Pupdate 09/21/2022

This morning we met up with the other trainers and did more of the same work. Senga did have a moment where I gave him to a new trainer and Senga walked away and came back with me. It was sweet, but Senga is starting to really get attached.

I decided to move the bath's up to today so the pictures were take just after everyone got back from the groomers. We are heading back to Century City tomorrow for the final videos, etc. Senga is super cleaned up and ready for his opportunity to shine.


Pupdate 09/22/2022

This is an outtake from Senga's final video. A young man walks up and starts talking to me about training and for a bit Senga simply lays there like he is supposed to. He does get up and break command, but it is SO hard to be upset with him. I wasn't watching him, I wasn't using the E-Collar, and we had been working for a while so I suspect Senga was also tired. One more day of work, then back home!



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