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Nala | GoldenDoodle Dog Training | Santa Monica, CA

Nala, a 1 Year Old Golden Doodle from Santa Monica, CA just completed her Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 week Board & Training dog training program with OffLeash SoCal dog trainer Chris Louie. See Nala's progression below.

In training:

Nala was just dropped off for our 2 Week B & T program and I couldn’t be anymore excited. Nalas dad has concerns about Nala only doing what she wants she wants, almost bipolar. Her recall is non existence, she loves to pull on the leash when heeling, she will counter surf and this Dog will eat your homework so watch out. Nala knows basic commands but will only do them if a ball or treat are present. Stand by for Nalas amazing conformation.



Pupdate 09/24/2019

Today we went out in public and started working on our heel. This is Nala showing off how pretty she can sit.

Pupdate 09/25/2019



Pupdate 09/26/19

Nala is all LOADED up ready to go to the tailgate. GO PAC GO!!!



Pupdate 09/28/19

learning how to go for a car ride.


Pupdate 09/29/19

Nala is so smart she’s even learning the advanced commands. This is touch.



Pupdate 10/01/19

Look both ways before you cross the road.


Pupdate 10/02/19

Off leash work at The Grove In LA.




Pupdate 10/05/19

Our full last day out training together, im going to miss Nala.

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