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Derrick | German Shorthaired Pointer | Camarillo, CA

Derrick, a German Shorthaired Pointer from Camarillo California, went through the Off Leash SoCal 2 Week Board and Train Program. Derrick was trained by Oliver Dunn in Corona, CA.

Pupdate 4/5/2020

Derrick before our first walk for the day. We introduced the E-Collar and practiced loose leash walking for about 30 minutes, practicing come and sit during, and he started to get the hang of it! He's been a little whiny but we're keeping busy with some toys and practicing basics.

Pupdate 4/7/2020

Enjoying some time outside in between rain spells today! We got to practice holding our sits around some people walking around the neighborhood. He's a little stubborn around the neighborhood cats but it's a good opportunity to work on managing his prey drive.

Pupdate 04/08/2020

Pupdate 4/9/2020

Rainy days won't stop our morning playtime! He absolutely loves my pups toy tire. Today we started working on down, and place. Place he caught the hang of quickly, down we're still working on. He loves to resist any sort of leash pressure guiding him down, so I took a step back and started working with treats to lure him down. After our walk tonight we'll practice down again with a combo of treats and leash pressure until he gets the concept.

Pupdate 04/10/2020

Pupdate 4/11/2020

Today we soaked up the sunshine with a good amount of walking around the neighborhood and training outside. We worked on duration down, and place, along with door manners and holding commands with some dog distractions (neighborhood dogs walking across the street).

Pupdate 04/12/2020

Pupdate 4/13/2020

Today we went to a local park to practice with a short lead around distractions! We worked on his recall, heel, place and down from a distance. He did good with everything, and his turns are getting a bit better. He's been itching at the collar a bit so we switched to a comfort pad just in case it was irritating him, and continuing to redirect when he's scratching at it.

Pupdate 4/14/2020

Working on our off leash down from all sorts of weird angles. This morning we worked on place, recall, and impulse control around toys. His prey drive is really high, so practicing with enticing toys flying around has been a good challenge. We're out in the front yard right now taking a break to chew on a kong toy. Next we'll be practicing our heel!

Pupdate 4/15/2020

Practicing out around the neighborhood!

Pupdate 4/16/2020

Sweet boy on our walk this afternoon. He's been running around the backyard this morning enjoying the sunshine and a new ball we got from Chewy. Later today we'll be working on place, duration down, door manners, heel, and his impulse control around toys!

Pupdate 4/17/2020

Practicing place!

Pupdate 4/18/2020

Having fun on our last day of camp! He's been a ball of energy running around today, even after our morning and afternoon walk. It's been a good opportunity to work with toy and dog distractions.



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