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Smokey | Belgian Malinois | Los Angeles, CA

Smokey, a 2 year old Belgian Malinois form Los Angeles, Ca just finished his OffLeash SoCal 2 Week Board & Train. Smokey worked with OffLeash SoCal trainer Chris Louie.

Welcome our newest recruit, Smokey to OffLeash SoCal. Smokey will be with us for our 2 Week Board & Train Program, he is with us because he can be dog reactive. Smokey pulls hard when walking on the leash, so much so he needs a prong collar. Although he is very handsome and lovable, Smokey knows his commands just does not have any desire to hold his commands. Stand by for his amazing transformation.



Pupdate 09/24/19

Today we worked on Smokey’s Heel command.



Pupdate 09/26/19

Smokey is all LOADED up for the tailgate. GO PAC GO!!!



Pupdate 09/28/2019


pupdate 09/29/19

Learning how to go for a ride.



Pupdate 10/01/19

Door manners with Smokey.


Pupdate 10/02/19

Smokey showing off how pretty he can sit.




Pupdate 10/05/19

Smokey looking for some choice waves at Newport Beach.

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