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Bandit | Sheepadoodle Dog Training | San Gabriel, CA

Bandit, a Sheepadoodle from San Gabriel, CA just finished his 2 Week Board & Train dog training program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal's Chris Ramirez.

In Training:

Update #6

This big boy has it 110% when it comes to distractions and commands all OFF LEASH!


Update #5

Today was distance commands in Home Depot. I mark this day as another successful training session!


Update #4

Todays training session was a succes!


Update #3

Out for a stroll and sitting on the park bench with my dog Korra. Getting some distraction work done and looking professional!


Update #2

He’s such a quick learner! In 3 days he has learned all of his commands. He’s displaying “Place” on a cot that is pretty small for his big size. Certainly has confidenace!


Update #1

This pup is one hyper loving soul that just wants to jump on everyone and play with every dog. Time to get some obedience training in!

OffLeash SoCal provides off-leash dog training and obedience training for San Gabriel, CA and the Greater Los Angeles area.


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