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Apache | 11 month old | PitBull | Norwalk, California | In Training

Update #8

Being pooped out from working all day, he gets a well deserved “Down” command on that cold floor. He did great trying to fight the urge to not want to be pet by everyone that walked by.


Update #7

Practicing our “Heel” command making it very tight to the hip not pulling. He’s gone a long ways from his old self going on walks. Looking great buddy!


Update #6

About to show Home Depot our skills and how obedient he is now. Being patient on a “Sit” command looking sharp!


Update #5

Having another puppy PitBull around really tested his “A” game on how obedient he can be while conducting a “Place“ command. No matter how much the pup wanted to play, Apache said “Nope, I’m working!”. Awesome job bud!


Update #4

Taking his training to the park with all sorts of distraction. Here, we’re also working on duration commands seeing how obedience he is being patient.


Update #3

Being flanked by more dogs and completing a command is amazing progress! Here, he’s doing a ”Place“ command where I have him sit onto any object I ask him to and stay there. This shows his obedience to the command no matter what’s going on around him.


Update #2

This guy loves to play and run around with other pups so we’re working on dog distractions while being told to “Down”. He’s very smart and willing to learn lots more! Distractions and duration training is what we’ll be working on. Awesome work buddy!


Update #1

Check this stud out! His name is Apache and he’s here for our 3 week board and train program. Weighing at 90 lbs and still growing, this guy loves to pull on the leash during walks with his owners. They love him so much but wish they can enjoy walks with him instead of getting a workout in each time. So we‘ll be working on no pulling and also establishing lots of commands and obedience. Stay tuned to watch his progress!


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