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Meet Andy! His love for dogs started at the age of nine when his family brought his first puppy named Patches! Patches was a small white Maltese. Later on, Andy began admiring the breed of Pitbulls. Andy found his love for Pitbulls because of the stereotypes people put on them. He understands that any dog and breed can be scary, but it’s all about how the person reads and approach the animals! That is why he loves them so much. So at the age of 18, he was finally able to get his pitbull, and her name is Koda. Ever since then, he never stopped loving pitties!

He also takes care of his brothers Pitbull name Pain.

At the age of 22, Andy started worked at a facility in OC, where he got hands-on work as a kennel technician and then promoted to a dog trainer! Andy had experience with Kennel cleaning and sanitizing along with on- hands experience with all kinds of breeds and temperaments. Andy has a full understanding of puppy training, on-leash obedience, along with advanced off-leash obedience. But Andy seeked for more. Andy was able to find an awesome program called, off-leash socal, where he fell in love with how they run their services for these wonderful pups!