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Priscilla Rodriguez
Dog Trainer
AKC Evaluator

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Priscilla has had a passion for helping animals her whole life. Since childhood her favorite thing to do was to find animals in need, foster them and find them forever homes. She also loved reading books and always found herself in the animal section, reading the encyclopedia of dog breeds or any book about dog training. That was why growing up she knew she wanted a career in helping animals.
She started her dog training journey at Petco in 2015. Priscilla stayed with Petco until 2020 when she began to work for All Things Pups, a rescue ranch. Here is where she would help animals with special needs and assisted trainers in rehabilitating dogs to help smoothen their transition to their forever homes. Priscilla quickly saw how proper training helped keep dogs out of shelters and made such an overall difference in their lives. This inspired her to further pursue her career in dog training and make it her goal to own her own rescue one day.
Priscilla also took up a position at Bark! Bark! Where she began her work toward achieving her CPDT-KA certification. (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) Here is where she worked alongside another certified professional dog trainer and completed her 300 hours. The hours are for hands-on handling experience and the exam is based on subjects such as learning theory, instruction skills, ethology, equipment, and animal husbandry. To keep her certification, she must attend seminars and lectures to renew the certification every 3 years. Priscilla is scheduled to take her exam in March 2022!
Over the years working with multiple experienced trainers has taught her how to approach a variety of subjects in behavioral modification. It fascinates her how every case is unique and allows her to be creative. She truly believes training is more than just obedience. It is about the relationship you have with your canine.

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