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Zuzu | Mixed Breed | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Zuzu is a nearly 5 month old mixed breed dog joining OffLeash SoCal's Three-Week Puppy Board and Train Program. Zuzu is a young dog who sometimes struggles with separation anxiety and needs some fine tuning with her potty training. Zuzu gets over excited at greetings and generally loves people and other dogs. The goal for young Zuzu is to show her with consistent communication what we would like her to do and then reward her when she does it. Stay tuned for Zuzu's Three Week transformation!


Today Zuzu and I spent some time in a park just getting to know one another. Step one for training is forming a training plan. Zuzu is still a young puppy and she needs guidance as she finds her place in the world. We will apply gentle leash pressure while shaping behaviors and using the boundaries we create along with valuable rewards in the form of praise and affection, we will show young Zuzu how to police her own behavior and find her advantage in any situation. A happy confident dog understands where they fit into the world and it is our responsibility as their handler to show them right from wrong. That doesn’t mean we have to be unfair, only that we need to be consistent!



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