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Zion | Weimaraner | Long Beach, CA. | In-Training 

Say hello to Zion. He is a year old and taking part of our two week board and train program. He is a very busy boy, pulls on the leash and doesn't always want to listen. Stay tuned for his progres to awesomeness!



Another successful day, Always lots to learn and we're taking it one day at a time. Zion might be big but he's quick too. He is learning very fast and it's a real treat to work with this guy.



Another great day, went out to the park and continued to work commands.

Distractions make all the difference and so far so good.


Zion relaxing after another day out in the world, working a lot on heel and down.



Zion blending in with the local art work. He is such a good boy, just wants to please and he learns very fast.


Big boy, small place object. Possibilities are endless! What a stud!


Big day today at the park, with all the dogs and people. Zion did excellent


Zion - Downtown Disney - duration work. He was a big attraction, everyone wanted to stop and stare.

Two weeks goes by so fast! Zion is such a good boy and I'm grateful for getting to work with him. Almost time to go home and continue his journey!


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