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Rocky | American Rottweiler | Torrance, Ca | In Training

Let's welcome Rocky to our camp. He is camping with us for 14 days. Rocky became very protective over the family to the point that he has bitten a friend of the family. He is a big boy weighing about 120 pounds, he pulls on walks and wants to go after all dogs. I'm very excited to be able to help this family. Rocky is a very sweet boy once he gets to know you.

Pupdate 09/30/2019

Early morning hike.

Pupdate 10/1/2019

Pupdate 10/02/2019

Acton park

Pupdate 10/04/2019

Our second trip to Acton park.

Pupdate 10/06/2019

Sunday are fundays! Playing fetch! 🥎

Pupdate 10/08/2019

Home depot trip

Home depot Photo shoot😅

Pupdate 10/10/2019

More public training.

Pupdate 10/12/2019

Cruising through petsmart.

Pupdate 10/14/2019

Here are some pictures of Rocky's coat. We been treating it with Organic Coconut oil. Pictures below.

Pupdate 10/16/2019

Being a good student at home depot.

Pupdate 10/17/2019

Pupdate 10/18/2019

A day at the lake 🦢🦆🦢🐸

Pupdate 10/20/2019

Hanging out at the Dog Haus

Pupdate 10/21/2019

Pupdate 10/22/19

Great day training at the mall with lots of distractions.

Pupdate 10/23/2019

Pupdate 10/24/2019

Building trust and pushing the to limits

Pupdate 10/25/2019

Duration down at a dog park.

Pupdate 10/26/2019

Pupdate 10/27/2019

Dog park working on dog distractions.

Pupdate 10/28/2019

Pupdate 10/29/2019

Duration down

Pupdate 11/01/2019

Pupdate 11/02/2019

Really proud of Rocky's improvement over the last few weeks.

Pupdate 11/02/2019