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Milo | American Pitbull | Santa Monica, CA -In Training

jumps on everyone to play even strangers, doesn't know his limitations, does not obey commands when called upon (especially out in a park or beach), not fully potty trained.

Pupdate# 10

Milo enjoyed his training trip to Hollywood.

Pupdate# 9

Place command

Pupdate# 8

Milo is showing off his obedience training in the elevator.

Pupdate# 7

I might look tired but I am a happy doggie.

Following all commands at a park with multiple distractions.

Pupdate# 6

Milo waiting for his cookie 🍖


Milo watching the kids play while being on place command.

Pupdate# 2

Milo learning stability down and sit with no distractions.

Stability sit

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