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Kona | German Shepherd | Valencia, CA-In Training

Kona is a young and high energetic dog that can be reactive if approached incorrectly. Kona will be boarding with us for the next 3 weeks. We are going to help her get through her behavioral issues by setting rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Pupdate# 11

Kona waiting in line to watch the new Lion King movie at El Capitan theater in Hollywood.

Pupdate# 10

Door manners at the mall.

Pupdate# 9

Stay focused! Its a beautiful day.

Pupdate# 7

Kona doing great work! Off leash commands.

Pupdate# 6

Beach training day🏖

Pupdate# 5

A tired is a happy dog. #durationdown


Having lost of fun watching other dogs play at the Dog Park.

Pupdate# 3

Loose leash heel at the park with multiple distractions. Kona was super nervous at the beginning. After multiple repetitions she did great.

Pupdate# 2

Kona doing great progress. Sit on place object.

Down on place object.

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