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Reego | 14 months Old | Weimaraner | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Day of drop off

Reego is a very lovable boy who is an extreme leash puller and is going to be working on his greeting manners quite a bit. He is with us for the next two weeks for our famous board and train program and is confident about his training from day 1.

Pupdate 12/30/2019

Pupdate 12/31/2019

Reego working on holding his commands today. He's very confident in himself but gets so excited, he loses focus sometimes. He's very eager to learn.

Pupdate 01/01/2020

Pupdate 1/02/2020

Reego testing out the flashlight feature on his E-Collar. This feature is extremely useful for night time walks as it serves two purposes. The first being a safety precaution making sure that others can see him. The second being a useful flashlight that helps both of you see where you are going during your walk. Cool glowing ear Reego!

Pupdate 01/03/2020

Pupdate 01/04/2020

Took reego on an off leash walk around the block today. He's doing very well and made it the entire walk without distancing himself from me. Doing great Reego!

Pupdate 01/05/2020

Pupdate 01/06/2020

Went on a much longer off leash walk today. About two miles there's and back Reego did great off leash but still needs heavy supervision as he is still fighting the desire to push ahead. Big improvements.

Pupdate 01/07/2020

Pupdate 01/08/2020

Reego and I having some fun at the park today. Reego loves to play and gets so excited if you're willing to throw a ball or run around with him.

Pupdate 01/09/2020

Pupdate 01/10/2020

Reego off leash today at the block of orange! Reego did great the entire walk through with people, dogs, skateboarders and all kinds of other distractions.

Pupdate 01/11/2020

Reego has completed his Off Leash training and is excited to get home to show his parents some of his new skills.



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