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Tony | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Long Beach, CA | In Training

Welcoming Tony to the Off Leash family! Tony is here for our two week board and train to learn some fundamental commands that will improve his overall obedience. He likes to pull on the leash and can be a little stubborn when it comes to listening to commands. We're excited to watch him progress over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 04/19/21

Teaching Tony the heel command today. He is learning to follow my lead by changing pace and directions with me. He tries to pull and get stubborn attempting to stop training and just lay down but we push him passed and made him keep walking. He is still ignoring his food. High hopes he will begin eating tomorrow.


Pupdate 04/20/21

Heavy work on the heel command with this guy today. We used a few training collar method to get him to start to understand that he has to hold his commands even as we walk by distractions.


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