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Toast | 3 Year Old | German Shepard/ Pitbull Mix | Playa Del Rey | In Training |

Day of Drop Off

This is Toast, the 3 year old rescue from Playa Del Rey. Toast comes to Off Leash SoCal for our Two Week board and train program. Some of the reasons Toast has

come to us is because he doesn’t have any recall, He has a high prey drive, and when out on hikes he gets unsure of people who have hats or backpacks on. Toast loves to have play dates with other dogs, but us recently became unruly and isn't allowed to play anymore. I hope that after two weeks he will learn some manners and how to properly interact with other pups.


Pupdate 12/23/2019


Pupdate 12/24/19

Toast is so excited for Christmas he can hardly sit still.


Pupdate 12/25/19

Toast is getting a nice walk in the park before all of the Christmas festivities start.


Pupdate 12/26/19

Toast is getting great interactions with other pups.


Pupdate 12/27/19


Pupdate 12/28/19

Toast is the learning a new trade, Forklift driving.

Toast is such a big helper he loves to lay at my feet when I work in the garage.


Pupdate 12/29/19

Toast is spending time at the skate park working on his distractions.


Pupdate 12/31/19

Toast enjoying the last day of 2019.


Pupdate 01/01/2020


Pupdate 01/02/20

Toast getting some training in at our favorite ball park.


Pupdate 01/03/2020


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