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Tinsel | Doberman Mix | Culver City, CA | In - Training

Meet Tinsel! Tinsel is a 7 month old Doberman mix puppy who has joined us for our 3 Week Board & Train program. Tinsel comes to us to learn about obedience and to learn how to properly socialize. Tinsel has many habits such as biting random things, leash pulling, jumping, and being fearful at things or people at times. Tinsel is genuinely sweet and curious but needs assistance understanding her surroundings and environment. Over the next three weeks I will take Tinsel out and expose her to many things and challenges to help overcome her curiosity with things she sees and have confidence on her day to day life. Check out her daily progress with me as her personal dog trainer!


Pupdate 5/18/2024

Today was the first day meeting Tinsel and she had a lot of energy. After meeting her owner we headed back to my hometown to spend some time together and bond at a park.

In the video above is me trying to engage with Tinsel but there's no response coming from her. One of my neighbors happened to pass by and Tinsel had tunnel vision on the dog he had but never barked or made any noise. After some time we tried working on a slip leash but Tinsel would almost choke herself so I had to switch to a prong collar momentarily. With the right amount of patience and very light amount of leash pressure I was able to fix Tinsel's heel and have her engaged with me which is seen in the second video apart above. I introduced her heel obedience to cleaning up the pace Tinsel thinks is acceptable. If a dog can't walk straight this is how I start the practice which will lead into us walking together.

After some training we made our way back home and Tinsel got to greet my personal dog through his crate. Tinsel didn't seem to mind but after placing her in her crate she cried for five to ten minutes before falling asleep. She has been doing well not barking at the other dogs inside the crate and has remained neutral while inside for short moments I leave the room. As the days go by I will show Tinsel new settings and expose her to situations on how to overcome them to build her confidence!


Pupdate 5/19/2024

This morning Tinsel and I went for a walk around the neighborhood which went well. Tinsel slept through the night without complaining and is going potty normal outside. Tinsel got to meet Happy who I'm taking care of and they did very well getting along and playing. Tinsel even brought out a calmer side of Happy I haven't seen yet.

I introduced the e-collar to Tinsel and she does fairly well responding to it but has the intention to tolerate it if we are doing something she doesn't feel comfortable with. Our early morning practice was introducing Tinsel to her place obedience command with some duration. As many times as I asked Tinsel to place herself it was challenging to hold her position for even a second. I worked on variations to see what would build her confidence up and if I was able to have her get on and off immediately, she would adjust to that. We practiced many repetitions just getting on and off the place pad before taking a break since it was starting to get warm.

Later on once Tinsel woke up from her nap it was time to practice again. I put the place pad against the wall so Tinsel can get off from the other side. When walking around the table the path is very small and Tinsel doesn't want to walk with me. I use the remote and slowly adjust the settings going up by 1. I use less leash tension and solely rely on the remote and when Tinsel makes her way forward I praise her verbally and continue to place her on the place pad. Earlier in the day she was putting up more of a struggle but seems to tolerate the e-collar fairly and seemed to be more aware today working during her second practice. Tinsel got to spend the rest of the day followed up with another walk, playtime with Happy, and another obedience training session.


Pupdate 5/20/2024

This morning I took Tinsel for a walk around the neighborhood which went well. Tinsel went potty the moment we stepped outside so she seems to be aware and content about holding her bowels until she's outside. After some playtime with Happy we started off on a new practice which is door manners. Starting off with some treats, place pad, and the door as our tools to make this practice easier to work through.

I start off by trying to place Tinsel on the place pad before opening the door and seeing Tinsel's reaction to when it opens. As the door closes each time I break Tinsel to praise her and slowly pick up what I'm trying to ask for. When asking for her break when I have the door open I give her a choice to follow me back into the kitchen or she's able to go out but Tinsel would rather come to me than leave the house. I kept the practice consistent and walk through every side of the house to show Tinsel that staying on the place pad is normal. Once I end my practice we walked through the door together rather than her trying to lead me.

We followed up on more obedience training throughout the day keeping her door manners consistent and making it quality. Tinsel got to have plenty of play time with Happy the Rottweiler as well.


Pupdate 5/21/2024

Today I had Tinsel and the other dogs play early in the morning before taking Tinsel out to a park in Downtown Fullerton. When we first arrived I started off using a slip leash and e-collar to walk Tinsel around the park but she would tolerate it and would try to lead and eventually choke herself with the slip leash. When switching to a prong collar I had to take some time in the parking lot training Tinsel to respond with less pressure from the e-collar and prong corresponding together. Within a few seconds I was able to start our walk and Tinsel was staying to my side. She seemed uneasy being at the park but after one lap around the park she started to settle and perform her place command with ease. Tinsel was able to place herself on many platforms and the more we practiced this I could see her confidence go up each time she would perform her obedience. We passed by many squirrels and with the obedience command off, I was able to redirect her and ignore the squirrels without reacting. They were calm and slow so seeing a squirrel run hasn't happened yet to us to see if Tinsel could react.


Pupdate 5/22/2024

Today I took Tinsel and Hunter on a walk together early in the morning which went well with Tinsel trying to lead at times but not many. After their walk I had Hunter go inside while practicing obedience training in front of the house before taking Tinsel out to a pet friendly store.

Later on we made our way to the Anaheim Pet & Feed store for some exposure and to practice more of our obedience training. Tinsel did very well staying close to my side and being able to ignore most distractions we encountered. We even had a dog bark at us and Tinsel showed no reaction when asking her for the off obedience command which disengages her from what she's doing or looking at. The only issue noticeable was some smells distracting her depending on certain areas of the store. When practicing in small aisles I taught Tinsel her down and recall which went well with no issue. When asking for her to hold her sit she was able to but the floor was somewhat slippery so her paws would fall forward at times but she did good overall. We will continue to focus on more confidence building situations once we encounter them but Tinsel has already shown improvement and a better approach to things.


Pupdate 5/23/2024

Today Tinsel had her first accident in the crate when waking up. It was easily cleanable and rinsed Tinsels paws off since they were dirty. After cleaning Hunter and Tinsel went on a walk together which has been going well. Once we returned home they got to have some play time before starting Tinsels obedience training again.

In the video above we are focusing on our recall, sit, and down with duration. Tinsel has become more food motivated so I make the beginning of learning our practices for each separate command fun with the use of treats. I lure Tinsel around me from my right side ending up on my left side to keep her in structure. I repeat the process until she's able to confidently make her way around me without the use of leash pressure or e-collar. If assistance is needed I would only use the e-collar rather than the leash to keep Tinsel moving from no leash tension. After some repetitions I start to make distance away from Tinsel to see her impulses after I ask for her down or sit. Once I cross the street she gets up as suspected and I use the remote and increase the settings for her to be redirected properly. I had her on a low level setting and she had a reaction jumping back but was able to go into a sit immediately once followed up. I continue the practice and Tinsel waits for me until she's given her break. I do this a second time and Tinsel does it with ease.

The second video clip shows her heel which is walking next to me. When conditioning Tinsel for a proper heel I start off by walking towards my left hand side turning in 90 degree angles or 180 degree turns. By doing this Tinsel might bump into me when saying heel so the more we walk in this formation she's able to understand how fast she should walk and how close she should be. The goal is to keep her more engaged with me without being so distracted with stuff around us so when she bumps into me using this moment to guide her helps with awareness. I'll eventually switch it up and do right turns as well for her to understand the movements I'm making before trying to walk her around the neighborhood.


Pupdate 5/24/2024

Today I took Tinsel to Santa Monica Pier to hang out with a few friends from offleash and to train at the pier. When we first arrived walking to the pier was easy but as we walked down and got closer to the heavy amount of traffic Tinsel became more alert but curious. Tinsel wanted to travel to everyone around us or smell things far from her so I had to micro manage a lot of the visit when traveling down the pier. By the end of the pier Tinsel started to settle and was able to perform with confidence. We walked back throughout the pier and Tinsel was able to make her way through the crowd but couldn't hold her sit at times since she's looking around most of the time.

In the video above I picked an open area to train Tinsel by practicing an extended down with everyone walking around her. Tinsel did really well with her down obedience command showing her ability to stay neutral while everyone walked around her. If Tinsel was to get up I would redirect her back into a down and just repeat the process all over again. Once I'm done waiting for about two minutes I break Tinsel for her reward which is praise. By the end of the visit Tinsel was tired so we got some water and headed back home.

We followed up the day with another training session and more play time with Hunter.


Pupdate 5/25/2024

Today we spent the morning on a walk with Hunter around the neighborhood which was about one hour before heading back home. The dogs had their usual play time and something I've noticed about Tinsel is how possessive she can be when playing with others. What makes this noticeable is her barking and pawing at other dogs' faces. If she goes overboard Hunter can usually correct it himself and walk into his crate when he's done playing and Tinsel gets upset with this. This is when I use the e-collar to redirect her and have her come lay next to me or chew on her toys. I don't allow her to be consistent when behaving like this so I give her something to do. If there are moments both of them are out laying on the floor tired without bothering each other I won't need to bother them.

In the video above is our conditioning of loose leash walking, door manners and food manners. While training in the front we are working on our loose leash walking which will lead into offleash walking. Whenever Tinsel stops in her tracks I use the e-collar to get her attention with low level stimulations. I have her in a down and walk across the street and Tinsel has been more reasonable when letting me cross the street by myself now.

When practicing our door manners Tinsel has some initiative still to run out the door at times but we continue to practice as always and she works through it even when making mistakes. After one attempt to run out the door I redirect Tinsel with the leash and e-collar and we start over. After this redirection Tinsel waits and I'm able to break her upon returning. Her food manners have been going very well and we have been having many moments of success. I tried throwing random objects on the floor to see if this would get Tinsel to react but she remained on the ground until given her break to eat.


Pupdate 5/26/2024

Today I took Tinsel back to Hillcrest in Downtown Fullerton for some exercise and to focus on loose leash walking. When we first arrived I walked Tinsel around the park getting some pent up energy out. After our first lap around the park we stayed by the baseball field to work on our obedience with the leash dragging which went well. We went over all obedience commands before making our way around the park again but with the leash dragging. Once we started our second lap around the park I dropped the leash and Tinsel did really well staying as close to me as she could. We saw multiple birds and squirrels which Tinsel had no reaction to. By the end of our visit I took off the leash entirely and walked to my car with no issues. The only noticeable thing about today was Tinsel creating space from me but was easily redirected with the use of the e-collar. Before leaving there's a big staircase next to my car that was parked but Tinsel would try to lead me on the way down instead of the way up. The moment Tinsel tried to lead me down the stairs we walked all the way back up to practice walking down again. The second time Tinsel stayed at a pace with me all the way.

We continued the rest of the day with more training at home and starting to learn our send away to place, come to heel, and under.


Pupdate 5/27/2024

Today I took Tinsel out to Wilderness park in Downey, CA for some exercise and to practice offleash obedience already. For the beginning of our visit we started off on a leash walking around the park for Tinsel to familiarize everything around us such as bike riders, people walking, and geese and ducks roaming freely around the park.

In the video above we practiced our offleash obedience and conditioning. When working with Tinsel just with the e-collar the moments I would use leash pressure are now directed with the e-collar. If Tinsel scratches at the e-collar it's her body language of just wanting it off and this can misplace the e-collar moving it around her neck. I will grab her normal flat collar as a last result to stop her from scratching and continue training as if nothing happened. We worked on conditioning Tinsel's send away to place by pointing at a platform to guide herself onto. I walk her around as well to keep her busy and motivated to train before asking for more of her obedience.

The second video is of another practice teaching Tinsel how to go under things. This will end up being her under obedience command but today was just the micromanaging of the obedience command as we will start to perform this more on other platforms of her height. I guide her from the side to make the beginning easy and manageable for Tinsel before asking her to under from another side of the table. Once she's comfortable I ask her to under from the middle of the table and she goes with ease after a few repetitions. Our last practice we went by the walkway to practice extended down which is seen in the pictures above and Tinsel did really well. Tinsel had people, bicyclists, and runners pass by her and she had no reaction to get up. After many successes she was rewarded heavenly with praise at the park.


Pupdate 5/28/2024

Today we had our usual routine of a walk in the morning with the dogs getting their morning playtime. The dogs have been consistent with their play time and when Hunter starts to get tired I put him away to start Tinsel's obedience training.

In the video above we started off with more conditioning of the under obedience command since this seems to be the only command Tinsel can take her time with. The goal is to have Tinsel properly place herself accordingly under any platform without sticking any body parts out. I make each moment fun praising Tinsel every time she succeeds. If Tinsel tries to mess around and act silly when training I'll use the leash for assistance or my body to reposition herself. This obedience command can be used to place Tinsel under tables or under shaded areas when needing to rest.

The second video clip is more food manners but this time offleash. Tinsel did really well but before starting she was running around thinking she was gonna eat in my room. I closed the door leading to my side of the house and Tinsel kept her attention back on me. Once we practiced I walked around the house and towards the backyard and Tinsel was waiting for me patiently as always now.


Pupdate 5/29/2024

Today we took a trip to Home Depot in Anaheim, CA for some training! When we first arrived I kept the leash on for the first walk around the store for Tinsel to familiarize this place and in case of any noises or objects that might intimidate her. She was fine with everything in the store except the platform dolly's some people were using by the lumber section. The first few that passed by us Tinsel seemed uneasy being around them but we practiced our obedience around them and were able to work through this issue. We were able to have the following dollies after pass by us with Tinsel looking at them and looking back at me for reassurance.

We took time working on our under, extended down, recall, and offleash obedience towards the end of our visit. Tinsel did really well but performed at a slow pace since she was already getting tired after being up for so long. When walking around offleash around the store we had a few moments where Tinsel's nose was distracted by random smells in random aisles of the store but using the e-collar to redirect her with her heel keeps her engaged and at a pace with me. We will continue to visit more places to condition Tinsel offleash and faster pace when being asked for her obedience.


Pupdate 5/30/2024

Today we headed back to Los Angeles to meet some of the Offleash team for more training and exposure. This time Tinsel was more confident about being here without much pulling as last visit. We walked to the middle of the pier and started to train with all the people passing by. In the video above is Tinsel's natural reaction to training out in public, showing no impulses or reaction to get up because of something in her environment. We walked around after and got some exercise before coming to a stop under some shade to give the dogs a break. I attached Tinsel's leash back on while waiting, letting time pass by and during these moments we had people come by us to say hi to the dogs. Tinsel had one interaction with a stranger but his approach was awkward sticking his hand out rather than coming up to Tinsel with confidence and made Tinsel uncomfortable for the moment. While having his hand out she showed no interest and kept her composure until he went to her level and talked to her more with clarity. Tinsel went up to him for a second to smell and came back to me for confirmation. I praised her for trying even though the man's approach wasn't common compared to anyone else who has said hi. This shows Tinsel doesn't have an interest when seeing a person's hand since it can be alarming to her.

The rest of the visit Tinsel was in a down with a few moments of whining just to sunbathe. Once I moved Tinsel into the sun she started to settle and quiet down. This is something Tinsel has made noticeable and will show more of a calmness at times if wanting to sunbathe. Later on Tinsel got to have her playtime with Hunter and we focused on offleash obedience inside the house.


Pupdate 5/31/2024

Today we did some more training at home focusing on our obedience and to work on some small things like biting personal items and random things from the ground. Early in the morning we went for our 45 - 1 hour walk around the neighborhood before heading home and letting the dogs have some play time.

In the video above we are practicing our send away to place with the leash on just for some repetitions before taking the leash off. I use the length of the leash to keep Tinsel as far as I can before pointing at the place pad and asking Tinsel to place. This will work into her send away off leash but for now we still focus on improving the quality of this command and others. After some practice I brought a chair out that has space big enough for Tinsel to go under. It took a few minutes without the leash but I was able to direct Tinsel under the chair with her confidence going up shortly after. I make sure to break her each time she does this to always make the moment fun and memorable for her. The last video clip is a short explanation on how to talk to Tinsel when training. Sometimes when people start training their dogs they are too persistent with asking for commands which can confuse our dogs at times. Our last practices were food and door manners which went really well with no issue.

Something we have been working on is Tinsel's impulses to grab things from the ground, especially when she's playing since this happens the most during these moments. Without her e-collar being verbal with her works but I have to stand up and be close to her in the moment if she has something in her mouth to have her drop it. When using the e-collar I give her a freebie to drop whatever is in her mouth but if she doesn't, "drop it" is what is followed up. When playing with Hunter if Tinsel starts to be possessive and hard with each other I use the remote to disengage Tinsel and ask for their obedience for a sit or down. If they both perform their obedience I'll release them with their break and can play again but once it becomes loud or disruptive I interfere until they calmly play with each other.


Pupdate 6/1/2024

Today we had our usual morning routine of a walk early in the morning with Hunter and Tinsel having their playtime. I've been keeping the e-collar on Tinsel when she plays only to diminish her barking when playing. This has been going better where they don't over exaggerate themselves. Tinsel has a doorbell which she has been just using to go potty or stay outside to sunbathe at times.

Later on I had Tinsel train with my younger brother who is aware of how to train a dog. He has spent much time with Tinsel inside the house asking for some obedience or being friendly to her, giving her praise while hanging out with Hunter. In the video above Nick and Tinsel are training with the leash attached just for safety concerns but Tinsel shows a genuine interest in listening to my brother. While working together Tinsel had some ambition to lead or scratch at her e-collar as she did with me but Nick makes his repetitions walking around keeping her in a pace and asking for obedience. When Nick has Tinsel place we walk into the house for a short moment and as we return Tinsel gets excited and stands up. Nick redirects her back into a down and we walk back inside to repeat what we just did. We make our way out and Tinsel lets us walk past her before I train her for a moment. The second video clip is of the two walking together on our street staying close to the house. Tinsel stays close to Nick and if she seems to wander off or get distracted Nick uses the e-collar and Tinsel redirects her face forward to be at a pace with Nick. He sends her off to her place pad and asks her to go into a down before breaking her.

We spent the rest of the day focusing on fetch and more impulse control with items on the floor for better conditioning. Tinsel is doing better leaving items when I speak but still needs assistance with the e-collar at times. Something she does often when caught with an item in her mouth is to run away if I go towards her in any manner. Using the e-collar and being able to stay still has worked out better to have her drop the item at a distance.


Pupdate 6/2/2024

Today the dogs had their usual morning routine followed up by some play time early in the morning. Once Hunter was tired of playing it was time to get Tinsel into training. Before we started I took the time to play with Tinsel and micro manage her fetch. She does ok sometimes coming towards me but typically has the need to run away as if that was the priority. Rather than chasing her I stay still and try to use my voice to motivate her to bring the toy towards me so I can grab it. She does well letting go and can perform her obedience if asked after. When playing with Hunter they play tug of war like any normal friends and Hunter does well letting go of the toy for Tinsel to have.

The second video clip is of our offleash send away to place. Tinsel is doing better at identify what I'm pointing at but we need to start on other platforms when we start going on our visits tomorrow. Tinsel is doing well with her extended sit holding it in place but in areas with soft surfaces it naturally causes her to slide down and submit into her down. Tinsel holds her sit until I break her for praise as always. The last video clip is our food manners practice which went well but Tinsel was tired at this point. I try to distract Tinsel by randomly opening cabinets and dropping things onto the floor. Tinsel slides into a down and I redirect her back into a sit using my body. I give her a piece of kibble from the slow feeder bowl and she keeps her sit more maintained. I tell Tinsel Break and she goes to her food as always. We will be continuing the rest of her training this week at social spaces such as parks, malls, and pet friendly stores again for offleash obedience.


Pupdate 6/3/2024

Today I took Tinsel to Whittier Narrows park in Whittier, CA to hang around the Offleash team and to train our dogs around each other. We started our visit with the first few minutes on leash going over our obedience. Once our friends started to arrive we spent some time just sitting around waiting as everyone got there and I noticed Tinsel started to look uneasy. With time Tinsel was able to settle and get used to seeing all the dogs around her.

In the video above we train in the center of everyone and even during this moment Tinsel wants to break her obedience but I keep her accountable until she's given her break. The remaining video clips is our offleash heel which Tinsel has been phenomenal with. Every turn I make with her I say heel for her to identify to stay close but with some space. I will often tap my left hand onto my left leg as I turn as a way for Tinsel to identify what I'm asking. When our friends from offleash pass by us when training Tinsel does well not reacting to them and being engaged with me throughout her practice until she's given her break.

We've continued to work on her impulse control with getting objects and food from the ground. Tinsel has been better at this but only when having the e-collar on. When Tinsel is roaming around with no collars on she's aware that she can try and grab stuff. But in moments like these I would still apply myself to stop her from biting anything even if she's not wearing her e-collar. Keeping everything consistent will help her resonate that it is never allowed.


Pupdate 6/4/2024

Today we headed back to Anaheim Pet & Feed Supply to work indoors since it's starting to get hot. Our focus today was offleash obedience and seeing the quality of most of our commands while inside the store. Tinsel did very well walking around the store and not getting distracted by the smells that come from the items around us. We had multiple dogs bark at Tinsel but she showed no hesitation or startlement when these moments happened. We had people pass by her in the small aisles and she remained in her sit or down while anyone who saw her gave a comment of how well behaved she was or how well trained she is.

While in the small aisles we worked on recall which went well each time when asked. Tinsel was tired at this point so we focused on turning into each aisle when asking for heel. Every turn I made into an aisle I would ask for her heel and she would follow through looking up at me for confirmation. We ended the visit leaving the store but going into a sit as the sliding door opened. Once it opened I walked with Tinsel to my car while off leash still and she was able to wait patiently as I opened the door for her to go into the car. One small detail is that when we head back home from a visit I loosen the e-collar for Tinsel to feel comfortable on the way home and as we arrive as long as she has her collar on she walks to the front door immediately.

Tinsel spent the remainder of her day with her time spent with Hunter with another walk followed up with play time. We focused at night on our under obedience command for tomorrow's visit to one of the local beaches around the county!


Pupdate 6/5/2024

Today we headed over to Huntington Beach, CA for exposure and to practice our offleash obedience. Tinsel seemed excited to be here and had more interest in smelling things as before. Tinsel started off on leash just to keep her close by in case there was anything around us that could startle her but she seemed confident as the day went on. We took time conditioning our send away to place and under since these were the only things she seems to struggle with momentarily. After some practice she was doing her obedience with ease so we took the leash off.

In the video above we are walking on the walkway of the beach and Tinsel is walking close to me before coming to a stop and having her hold her extended down. As Tinsel holds her down people pass by her walking or on bike and she shows no reaction to impulsively get up. We walk back towards the pier and make our way to a bench which is big enough for Tinsel to go under. She holds her under for over a minute and once I break her she takes her time slowly but surely to me for her praise. After all the training we did we went to a restaurant to eat and relax. Tinsel didn't want to hold her down and was being impulsive for a minute at the most but being redirected with the e-collar made it easy for her to settle and just hang out. She got up once from a random noise around us but was easily redirected without the use of the e-collar.

One small detail about today is while eating some people passing by us also had dogs and Tinsel was fine but others think they have the initiative to let their dog say hi to Tinsel. Before I let that happen I advise the owners that I would only let the dogs greet while in an open space and not a small area like a restaurant. It's to be respectful and not have an unpredicted encounter with dogs who might be overstimulated while outside. Overall Tinsel had no response or bothered to care about the dogs that tried to pull themselves to her today.


Pupdate 6/6/2024

Tinsel has small scuffs on her paw/leg. Potentially from her playing or nibbling on herself. Each day that's gone by she's never shown any boredom to bite herself but I'm monitoring her each time she's laying down or in her crate to see if she's doing this herself. I will provide an ointment to help prevent further infections or damages.

Today we headed back to Santa Monica for one of our last visits to socialize with Tinsel. There was just a handful of us but we trained around each other and had guests come up to us to greet our dogs. Tinsel did well with her greetings only needing to be redirected once back into a sit to maintain herself when being greeted. We walked around the pier but since it was a little busier than normal I kept her leash on just to keep her close to me in case we walked through big crowds of people. We practiced our recall, send away to place, and extended down which went well with no use of the e-collar during these moments. We walked down the pier and back and as we made our way at the end of the pier Tinsel showed more confidence rather than the other visits where she would seem uneasy the closer we got to the pier.

One small detail is when practicing a sit or down when people pass by Tinsel making baby noises to get her attention I will continue to ask for her off/leave it obedience which disengages her from what she's looking at and brings her attention back to me.


Pupdate 6/7/2024

Today is Tinsel's last day on her board and train so we spent the morning with a on and much time spent with Hunter playing in the backyard. After they finished playing they got to spend some time lounging in my room just roaming around or being silly with each other. After eating the dogs took their early nap before waking up hours later to do it all over again. I have monitored her actions today and she showed no initiative to bite her paws today.

In the video above I have another explanation video going over the basics offleash when asking Tinsel for her obedience. Always remember to ask for that first freebee and if Tinsel listens there is no need to use the e-collar. Throughout the video Tinsel does everything with ease but needs to be redirected once which is shown. I don't over exaggerate if she breaks her position but simply redirect her back into position as if nothing happened to continue our day.

Tinsel's board and train was such a fun experience because of her ability to learn at a fast pace, especially when practicing outside seeing her confidence and happiness show. She was very energetic in the beginning but the consistency of obedience training helped Tinsel realize she can do things in a different manner. Being adamant about her training is crucial for such a working and energetic dog but once she's into her obedience she will settle. After all the training, being able to take her out has been a joy and exposing her to new settings has been easier for her now when we arrived at locations. Tinsel is ready to go back to her family after so much time spent here!



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