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Tiger | 8 month old | Nato Mastiff | Lancaster, CA | In Training |

Day of Drop off

Tiger is a ROCKSTAR in the making. Today is his 8 month birthday and his mom decided to enroll him in OffLeash SoCal’s 1 week board and train program. Tiger weighs in at 130LBS, however he acts like he weighs 30LBS. He is just learning what life is outside of an apartment. Tiger is ready to live the best life he can and become a gentle giant.


PUPDATE 03/16/2020

Today was a big day for Tiger. He learned how to place on different objects with different textures. Place is a command where he has to hold a sit or a down on a defined object until released.


Pupdate 03/17/2020


Pupdate 03/18/2020


Tiger | Pupdate 03/19/2020

Today was a productive day for Tiger we working on street crossing manners, loose leash heeling, and duration sit and down. I wish I had more time with the big guy not because he needs it, but because I really enjoy his company.


Pupdate 03/20/2020


PUPDATE 03/21/2020

Tigers last supper at trainer chris’ house, and I couldn’t be anymore sad. This past week has flew by, and I’m proud of Tigers success. I am excited to turn him over to his mom tomorrow, but sad to see the big cuddle bug go. Anytime Tiger needs anything don’t hesitate to reach out.


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