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Thor | French Bulldog | Mission Viejo, CA | In-Training

Meet Thor, a 2-year-old French Bulldog from Mission Viejo, CA. This anxious pup barks at everything, jumps on people, nips heels, doesn’t follow basic commands, and pulls on leash. Thor is here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program. Stay tuned for his fourteen-day transformation!


Pupdate 1/23/2022

Thor was anxious in the crate so I decided to do some leash work with him before leaving the mall. We found a quiet spot in the shade and worked on leash pressure. When Thor would hit the end of the leash I would drop my arm so it was in-line with his neck and guide him back in the opposite direction. When he would turn in my direction I marked and praised. He was noticeably more relaxed when I put him in the crate after our session at the mall.


Pupdate 1/24/2022

Thor and I focused on leash work and e-collar conditioning at the park. As I turn, I say “heel” and tap the black button on the left side of the remote. If Thor is lagging behind, I tap it again and repeat “heel”. We also did several repetitions where I let him go out to the end of the long line and then I tap him until he turns in my direction, which indicates he feels the sensation from the taps.


Pupdate 1/25/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands at the beach. He is doing better holding his sit but heeling is still a work-in-progress. In the van Thor is very anxious and pants heavily. To make sure he stays hydrated I keep a water pail in his crate so he always has access to water.


Pupdate 1/26/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands on a private property while other dogs were off-leash. He is doing well holding his sit in a distracting environment. Previously his bottom would pop up within two seconds of sitting. Thor does have a tendency to want to go after dogs in play, and it seems to be more of a controlling type of behavior. I've been using the e-collar and the "off" command to interrupt this mindset.


Pupdate 1/27/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands while on a walk. He is understanding heeling and able to hold his extended sit much better. In social he still wants to control dogs but the “off” command is working very well to move him away from things.


Pupdate 1/28/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands at the beach. I noticed when he drinks water, it's very quick, and he will often throw up a little bit of food when worked up. I've been cutting off his water and offering it more often to avoid this, but I believe it happens out of anxiety. Thor is doing better with his commands out in public. He does hold his paw up at times when he's unsure and will do his whining, but he recovers much quicker. Thor is also settling better into his crate without the barking and whining that he was doing at the beginning of the week.


Pupdate 1/29/2022

Thor and I worked on his heeling at the beach and then we worked on place and down on the property. We did some leash work to help him understand downward pressure means you lie down. Thor caught on very quickly! In social the e-collar along with the “off” command is working well to interrupt unwanted behaviors.


Pupdate 1/30/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands at the Outlets. His heeling improves daily and he is more attentive. We worked on all of his commands but focused on heeling, down, and come to sit. I’ve been using Fresh Pet to lure him into the heel position and it’s working really well. He really enjoys this food!


Pupdate 1/31/2022

Thor and I went to a new park to work on his commands. He did really well heeling on grass, which can be challenging to a lot of dogs, and completing his commands. His biggest challenge was seeing other dogs, but he did really well overall. His place work is pretty solid and he will down on cue. Very happy with where he is in the process, and the motivating factor was introducing Fresh Pet.


Pupdate 2/1/2022

Thor and I went for a walk at a nature preserve. He did a great job heeling so I would break him periodically to go sniff and enjoy the environment. Thor is on track to complete his program with flying colors. He’s good in the crate, and with the structure that has been implemented, he is no longer exhibiting the anxiety he displayed when he first arrived.


Pupdate 2/2/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands at the park. We worked on everything but focused on come to sit and place. He can complete his come to sit but will sometimes sit a little behind me so I’m luring the sit and rewarding with food. I’ll eventually phase out the food and reward with praise. He isn’t really interested in playing or interacting with the other dogs. He doesn’t have a problem being around them and does less correcting with the help of the “off” command and the e-collar. While he is no longer anxious on walks, during training, or at the house, he does pant in the crate when the van is moving.


Pupdate 2/3/2022

Thor and I worked on his commands at a shopping area and he was able to complete all of his commands. He isn't overly confident in social, but he was very motivated to complete his commands even faster with the other dogs around when I brought out a special meat treat for the pups. We are focusing on his come to sit to make sure we have it nice and straight!


Pupdate 2/4/2022

Thor and I worked on his final video by the beach. He completed all of his commands and was able to sit politely while greeted. His heeling looks really good and he is holding his extended sit and extended down. In social he can be called off when he gets too interested in correcting another dog, and can generally coexist with the other dogs without trouble. He seems to be more of a people dog than a dog that wants to interact with other dogs.


Pupdate 2/5/2022

Thor and I worked on his final video at a very busy park. He did so well with all of the distractions! We walked past other dogs, scooters, bicyclists, skateboarders, and large groups of people gathering for birthday parties. Thor is ready to go home!


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